Valery Malyshev: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life

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Valery Malyshev: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life
Valery Malyshev: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life

Video: Valery Malyshev: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life

Video: Valery Malyshev: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life
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Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, an exemplary family man Valery Alexandrovich Malyshev, fans first of all remember his role in the television series "Shadows disappear at noon". The temperament of the famous actor is similar to his famous namesake, after whom he was named by his parents. Like Valery Chkalov, the artist was open and honest, while the characters of his characters are very diverse.


Biography of Valery Malyshev

Valery was born in a difficult pre-war time on July 5, 1940. Alexander Rodionovich, the father of the future actor, worked as a metallurgical engineer at an industrial enterprise in the Moscow Region Tekstilshchiki. The Malyshev family lived here. Valeria's mother, Varvara Fedorovna, is a surveyor by profession.

At the very beginning of the war, Aleksandr Rodionovich went to the front as a volunteer, refusing at the enterprise from the armor set for his family for a food certificate. Throughout the war, Varvara Fedorovna traveled with a small child to the nearest villages and exchanged her things for food. In 1944, a funeral for Valery's father came to their family - he died near Kerch.

The Malyshev family continued to need money, and in 1945 an event happened that Valery could not forgive his mother for a long time - she remarried and changed her last name to Shevchenko. According to her son, Varvara Fedorovna betrayed the memory of his father. Neighbors often remembered Alexander Rodionovich, who said how the boy looked like him.

Valerii Malyshev
Valerii Malyshev

Many children of that time did not like schoolwork - Valery was no exception. His real hobby was watching movies in the Builder club, where it was so easy to forget about the hardships of the post-war period. The young man drew attention to the school amateur group, where he went with a classmate. The first production in which Valery took part was Gogol's "The Inspector General".

On the recommendation of the school theater mentor Beirakhova, Valery Malyshev went to a real nursery of future talents - a theater studio at the ZIL House of Culture. The actor made friends with Valery Nosik and Alexei Loktev. Over the years, such stars as Vladimir Zemlyanikin, Vasily Lanovoy, Vera Vasilyeva shone among the students of the theater.

Valery Aleksandrovich Malyshev managed to enter the institute and get a higher education in his favorite profession from the fourth time. He combined his senior classes in evening school with work and theater. Shortly before receiving a school certificate, the young man played a role in the production of "Certificate of Maturity", then he took part in the play by Anatoly Kuznetsov about Lake Baikal. Before entering the institute, Valery managed to take part in one of the episodes of the film "The House I Live In".

After graduating from high school evening school, Malyshev applied for admission to four theater universities. Refusals followed one after another: in Vakhtangov, GITIS, the Moscow Art Theater School, for various reasons, they rejected his candidacy. In 1960, the admission of documents to VGIK was accepted with a delay due to the participation of the mentor Sergei Gerasimov in the Moscow Film Festival. It was in this institute that Valery Aleksandrovich Malyshev entered. Such future celebrities as Karen Khachaturyan, Galina Polskikh, Nikolai Gubenko, Yevgeny Zharikov and many others studied on the same stream with him.

Career and creativity of Valery Malyshev

The management of VGIK, unlike most theatrical institutes, favored the participation of students in filming. Pasha Kozyrev, the dream of provincial girls, became Valery's first role in the film "Business Trip". Malyshev made his debut in this picture on the same set with Oleg Efremov.

Together with his participation in the shooting life, the artist did not forget about the theater. Valery plays the role of Judas in the production of Lord Golovlyov, and Polonius in the production of Hamlet. Malyshev made the greatest contribution to domestic cinema in the 1960s and 70s, it was this period that was the most fruitful in his work.

Valery Aleksandrovich Malyshev played roles in more than fifty films. As a rule, these are supporting characters, but there are also leading roles, for example, of the dissertation candidate Vadim Kozlov in the drama "Seek and Find". By the time of receiving his diploma at VGIK, Valery is determined with his future role: he prefers screen images to stage ones. In 1964, he entered the theater of the film actor, where he became an actor.


Performances with the participation of Valery Malyshev:

  • "Lord Golovlevs" / Judas (VGIK).
  • Hamlet / Polonius (VGIK).
  • Boris Godunov "/ Menshikov (VGIK).
  • "The career of Arthur Wee" / Ernest Thälmann (diploma / VGIK).
  • "Every Autumn Evening" (Theater-Studio of the Movie Actor).
  • "Russian People" (Theater-Studio of the Movie Actor).
  • "Space Distances" (Theater-Studio of the Movie Actor).
  • "Dubravins" (Theater-Studio of the Cinema Actor).
  • "To be in love" / Insurance agent (Cinema Actor Theater-Studio).
  • "The Nutcracker / General" (Theater-Studio of the Movie Actor).

Films with Valery Malyshev:

  • "Saga of the Ancient Bulgars": The Legend of St. Olga (2004).
  • "Black Clown" (1994).
  • "On the Murom track" (1993).
  • "Listen, Fellini!" (TV, 1993).
  • "How are you, crucian carp?" (1991).
  • Corruption (1990).
  • "A Sentimental Trip for a Potato" (1986).
  • "Painting" (mini-series, 1985).
  • "Dead Souls" (mini-series, 1984).
  • The Shining World (1984).
  • Squared Case 36-80 (1982).
  • Cry of Silence (1981).
  • "The collapse of Operation Terror" (1980).
  • "Antarctic Tale" (mini-series, 1980).
  • "And again Aniskin" (mini-series, 1977).
  • "The Life and Death of Ferdinand Luce" (mini-series, 1976).
  • "SOS over the taiga" (1976).
  • Diamonds for Mary (1975).
  • From Dawn to Dawn (1975).
  • Sokolovo (1975).
  • The Great Beggars (1973).
  • "Shadows disappear at noon" (mini-series, 1971).
  • "Belorussky Railway Station" (1971).
  • "There is no turning back" (mini-series, 1970).
  • Day and All Life (1969).
  • The Snow Maiden (1968).
  • "It Was in Intelligence" (1968).
  • "No password needed" (1967).
  • The Journalist (1967).
  • Morning Trains (1963).
  • "People and Beasts" (1962).
  • "Business trip" (1961).

Interesting fact! In addition to filming films and participating in performances, Valery Malyshev is a voice actor. Films with his participation:

  • The Siege of Venice (1991, TV, directed by Giorgio Ferrara).
  • “Anara Town” (1976, directed by Irakli Kvirikadze).
  • Anvil or Hammer (1972, directed by Hristo Hristov).

Valery acquired the audience's love after playing roles in the cult series "No Way Back", "Shadows Disappear at Noon", "Eternal Call". With the first sounds of the beginning of these films, the streets of Russian cities were emptied - so the actors fell in love with their fans. The roles made them famous.


The beginning of the 1990s turned out to be difficult for the Cinema Actor Theater: the directors Vuros and Rudnik died, and the harsh realities of perestroika began to appear on the stage in productions more and more often. Not all actors were ready to take part in the role of prostitutes and drug addicts. After the change in the management of the theater, Malyshev in 1990 got the role of an insurance agent in the play "To be in love" by O. Anofriev. They decided to film the play, but Valery did not get the role there.

Personal life of Valery Malyshev


In 1992, Valery Aleksandrovich Malyshev received the title of Honored Artist of Russia, but his career in theater and cinema was on the decline. The actor was supported only by the selfless sincere love of his wife Tamara, a joint life with which was more than 30 years. The theater where the actor worked was headed by a former military man. With the advent of his management, the repertoire changed, the actors were left without roles. Valery left the troupe.

He was less and less invited to film roles - gradually the audience and colleagues in the shop began to forget about the talented artist. Valery's health often began to fail. In 2005, Malyshev played the role of the patriarch in the historical saga "The Tale of St. Olga," this was the last work of the actor. On November 29, 2006, he passed away. Valery Aleksandrovich Malyshev was buried at the Nikolo-Arkhangelsk cemetery in Moscow.

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