How To Make A Request To Another City

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How To Make A Request To Another City
How To Make A Request To Another City

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Almost every person during his life, especially when he is still young, changes his place of work more than once, moves from one city to another. Information about him remains at the beginning in a particular organization, and after a certain amount of time has passed, it is handed over to the archive by administrative affiliation. But at a certain stage in life, this information may be needed. For example, in order to calculate a pension, it will be necessary to confirm the period of work, or in order to establish kinship, an archival certificate from the registry office will be required. At the same time, the question arises of how to make a request to another city.

Archival certificates are issued upon request
Archival certificates are issued upon request

It is necessary

Telephone directory or Internet resources, access to the machine for sending fax messages


Step 1

The main thing is the correct execution of the request. To do this, in the upper right corner, indicate the position, surname, name, patronymic (if known), under them, but on the line below - the address of the official to whom you are sending the document. On the next line below, under the first two: the last name, first name, patronymic of the sender and his residence address, indicating the postal code (if the sender is an organization, then all these details are already on the registration stamp).

Step 2

The main part of the request consists of text that reflects the essence of the request: what kind of information or document is required by the sender. It is advisable to write the text concisely, correctly, reflecting the essence of your appeal in a written speech that is understandable to the recipient. At the end of the text, put the date, signature, transcript in the form of an indication of the surname and initials, seal (if any).

Step 3

Attach the necessary documents to the request, or better their copies. In special legally significant matters, photocopies certified by a notary public must be attached.

Step 4

It is necessary to decide on the type of sending the document. If it is written postal poisoning, then the letter must be certified (better with notification). When sending a request by fax (citizens can use this service at the city's main post office), it is better to clarify the details of the employee who received such a shipment. When sending via the Internet (by e-mail) - call the organization back and make sure that the document is registered with the office.

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