What Is The Film "Skirmish" About

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What Is The Film "Skirmish" About
What Is The Film "Skirmish" About

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The spectacular action-packed film "Skirmish" was released in Russian cinemas in January 2012. The film was shot by the famous American director Joe Carnahan, the author of such works as Team A, The Pendulum, Trump Aces. What is his last picture about?

What is the film "Skirmish" about
What is the film "Skirmish" about


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The camera focuses on one of the oil wells in distant Alaska. Life here is boring and monotonous. Among the drillers is the seasoned wolf hunter, Archer Ottway (played superbly by actor Liam Neeson). His existence is rather bleak, because his beloved wife, who now appears to him in visions, has recently died. Ottway cannot come to terms with the loss and periodically contemplates suicide plans. However, the answer to the question - to live or die - comes rather unexpectedly.

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The plane on which the drillers are flying crashes. Almost the entire team of oil workers is killed, only seven people remain alive, including Ottway himself. They have to survive in a harsh, hostile nature. Is this possible when there is a terrible cold around, and in addition, hungry and angry wolves prowl in search of prey? By the way, the predators are created using computer graphics and look like some kind of infernal monsters. People slowly wander through the snows of Alaska, and wolves now and then very naturally devour one of them.

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In fact, this picture is not a simple action, but a film with an admixture of philosophical reasoning about the meaning of life. Shown in contrast are two packs - a wolf and a human. They seem to be essentially no different - each has a leader, strict rules, hierarchy. Each wants to survive and mourns the lost comrades. But wolves differ from humans in that they do not reflect, do not think about the uselessness of life. They will fight for her until their last breath, because they perceive her for who she is. And this is their strength.

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By the end of this emotional picture, it becomes completely clear that the director was not filming a story about the confrontation between predators and people. He raised the topic of death and the relationship of a person to it. Conclusion: yes, death is inevitable, but it must be met with dignity, calmly and in struggle - just as wolves do it.

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