How To Learn A Poem As Quickly As Possible

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How To Learn A Poem As Quickly As Possible
How To Learn A Poem As Quickly As Possible

The ability to quickly memorize information is a very useful quality that contributes to successful learning. And you can develop it by memorizing poems.

How to learn a poem as quickly as possible
How to learn a poem as quickly as possible

It is necessary

  • - a poem;
  • - paper;
  • - scissors.


Step 1

If the work to be remembered contains more than 4 lines, then it must be divided into small fragments. This approach can facilitate the process of assimilating the text.

Step 2

Read the poem once, but completely, imagine the situation described in it, characters, significant objects, events. To do this, it is important to focus: eliminate external stimuli, create a comfortable atmosphere around you, arouse interest in work. In parallel, connect the senses - touch, smell, hearing. For example, if the author mentions a conversation between two characters, then imagine how they exchange thoughts in real time.

Step 3

Cut out a horizontal strip from a sheet of thick paper that can completely cover the desired part of the work in the book. It is desirable that its width corresponds to the longest line, and the length should not be less than a page. Place the bottom edge of the blank over the first line of the passage to be learned.

Step 4

Start reading the work and at the same time slide the sheet of paper down. Thus, you will close the passage you read. Take your time, the entire line should disappear after the gaze fell on the last word. Take the quatrain as a unit of reference: read it, repeat it several times without peeping. Forgot a word - remember, peep it only if you cannot do it within 10 minutes. And so work through each piece.

Step 5

After the piece is completely covered with a sheet of paper, tell it out loud several times and close the book. That's it, the poem has moved into your short-term memory. To translate it into long-term, repeat the text after half an hour, an hour, then four hours, 12 hours, a day and keep coming back to it from time to time.

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