Vladimir Soloviev: Biography Of The TV Presenter And Personal Life

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Vladimir Soloviev: Biography Of The TV Presenter And Personal Life
Vladimir Soloviev: Biography Of The TV Presenter And Personal Life

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Vladimir Soloviev is one of the most famous Russian television journalists, also engaged in writing and social activities. On television, he hosts numerous political shows, the most famous of which are "Sunday Evening" and "Towards the Barrier!" …

Journalist Vladimir Soloviev
Journalist Vladimir Soloviev


Vladimir Soloviev was born in Moscow in 1963 and was brought up in a family of historians. The future journalist studied at a school with in-depth study of the English language. Already at an early age, a passion for the theater, as well as for oriental martial arts and even philosophy, awoke in him. Having received a certificate, Soloviev entered the Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys, and after him continued to receive an economic education in graduate school at the Russian Academy of Sciences.

After graduating from the university in 1986, Vladimir Soloviev worked for several years as a simple school teacher, teaching astronomy and mathematics. In 1990, turbulent for the country, he moved to the United States, where he began teaching economics at Huntsville University. During this period, he begins to develop his own system of political views. After returning to Russia, Soloviev opened his own business in the field of high technologies, which soon went international.

Despite significant success in the economic sphere, Vladimir was haunted by his creative nature. He decided to go into journalism, becoming one of the presenters of the radio "Silver Rain". Soon he created the author's program "Nightingale Trills", which continues to appear today. In it, Soloviev and invited guests discuss various aspects of public life in the country.

In 1999, Vladimir Soloviev began working on television. Several channels wanted to cooperate with the famous journalist at once, including ORT, TV-6 and NTV. One of the first programs that Soloviev hosted was "The Trial". It was followed by "The Passion for Solovyov", "Breakfast with Solovyov" and "Nightingale Night", aired on TV-6. On NTV, the journalist hosted the programs "Towards the Barrier!" and "Sunday Evening", which later moved along with the show "Duel" to the channel "Russia 1". Also, Vladimir Soloviev is the official presenter of Russian election debates on television.

Personal life

Vladimir Soloviev was married three times. Very little is known about the first wife of the TV journalist. It was an ordinary girl named Olga, and in their short marriage, children Polina and Alexander were born. The second marriage with a woman named Julia also turned out to be fleeting, but a daughter, Catherine, was born in it.

The third and currently the last wife of Solovyov is Elga Sepp, the daughter of the famous writer Viktor Koklyushkin. In this marriage, five children were born. Vladimir declares that he takes part in the upbringing of each of his children. In addition, he managed to play the role of a writer, having released the books "The Gospel of Solovyov", "Soloviev against Solovyov", "Russian Roulette" and others. He continues his journalistic activity, for which he has repeatedly received honorary awards from the hands of the President of the country.

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