How To Write An Appeal To A Deputy

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How To Write An Appeal To A Deputy
How To Write An Appeal To A Deputy

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Sometimes life's circumstances are not the best. Driven to despair in the struggle for their rights, and sometimes believing in the highest justice, citizens turn to the deputies. And often to the president himself. However, their requirements may be left without consideration, and sometimes even without reading due to incorrect design.

How to write an appeal to a deputy
How to write an appeal to a deputy


Step 1

Remember that the procedure for considering applications from citizens is regulated by the relevant law of the Russian Federation, according to which the preparation of such papers must meet certain requirements. Based on this, carefully think over the text, clearly and concisely formulate the request, the question, indicating the specific assistance you expect from the deputy. Do not forget to list the documents, articles of the law that give you the right to a positive decision of the authorities. First of all, indicate whether the laws have been violated in relation to you or the persons whose interests you represent, or simply describe in detail the circumstances of the case.

Step 2

Please note whether you have applied to local authorities to solve the existing problem, and if so, to which ones, and describe the answers given to you by representatives of these authorities, attaching a photocopy of your requests and solutions proposed by the authorities to the application.

Step 3

Write down in detail the address and name of the state body or local self-government body, or the surname, name, patronymic of the official to whom you are applying. In the letter, leave your coordinates for receiving a response or notification of forwarding your application. Since if the competence of the deputy does not allow solving your problem, then within a week from the date of registration, your message should be sent to the correct address. A properly executed appeal must be registered within three days from the date of receipt.

Step 4

Please note that this policy allows you to ignore statements that are illegible and unreadable, or that do not include your name and return mailing address. As well as texts of documents that include offensive language, obscene language or threats against a government official.

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