How To Write A Letter To Matrona

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How To Write A Letter To Matrona
How To Write A Letter To Matrona

Video: How To Write A Letter To Matrona

Video: How To Write A Letter To Matrona

Matushka Matrona of Moscow, who lived not so long ago, in 1885-1952, is considered a saint who helps in a variety of life situations, mainly related to family, children, health, etc. The only thing that Matrona does not approve of is appeals to her after various kinds of psychics - sorcerers, healers, mediums, etc. In addition to a direct appeal to the saint in the Intercession Monastery, where the shrine with her relics is located, you can write a letter to Matrona. How to do it?

How to write a letter to Matrona
How to write a letter to Matrona


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Those who hope for the intercession and intercession of St. Matrona of Moscow can write to her at: 109147, Moscow, st. Taganskaya, 58, or to the email address - [email protected]. In addition, there is a website on the network, created with the blessing of the Orthodox Church. On this site you can leave a message to Saint Matrona. Each of the letters sent by mail or the Internet will definitely go to the relics of the saint

Step 2

If you decide to send your letter by mail, write about the needs and desires for yourself and your loved ones, fold the note and glue it so that the text is not visible. Enclose your message in an envelope with the following note: "Dear sisters, please put this letter at the tomb of St. Matrona."

Step 3

How should the letter itself to Matronushka be composed. Write from the bottom of your heart, from the bottom of your heart, about what bothers you, what you want help with. Ask the saint to pray for you, for the health of your loved ones, and also for intercession before the Lord.

Step 4

With what other problems can you turn to the trip - so that there is no accident or other incident. When anxiety is consumed, ask for peace of mind. If you can't conceive a child or can't start a family for a long time. If your loved one is prone to drunkenness or other addiction.

Step 5

Hoping for the help of the saint, try to adhere to her instructions, in which case help from Matrona will surely come. What did she advise? Do not condemn others and think more about yourself - in the end, you are responsible not for someone else's actions, but for your own. Live with prayer and protect yourself from evil with the sign of the cross. Take communion and always keep the lamps burning. Forgive the old, the weak and the sick for what they say, help them. Do not pick up various items and money on the road. Do not attach importance to dreams and do not try to understand them. Do not go to the sorceress grandmothers. Never forget that all a person's actions are recorded in two books - sins and good deeds, by which people are judged.

Step 6

If a miracle happened, do not forget about the one who invisibly helped you at a difficult moment. Thank Mother Matrona. This can also be done in a letter or in the Intercession Monastery. In this case, it would be appropriate to make a donation to the temple and bring Matronushka flowers, which she loved very much during her lifetime.