How To Sell Theater Tickets

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How To Sell Theater Tickets
How To Sell Theater Tickets

It happens that tickets bought for a theater turn out to be unnecessary. Unforeseen vacation, illness or departure to another city. In order not to lose the money paid for the ticket, they can be sold.

How to sell theater tickets
How to sell theater tickets

It is necessary

  • - a computer;
  • - the Internet;
  • - mobile phone.


Step 1

The easiest way to sell the often expensive theater tickets is online. The most visited sites for this are,,, In addition, you can write in the status on your page on the social network that you are selling tickets. And also send a message to friends and to thematic groups of purchase / sale, theater amateurs, etc.

Step 2

Go to the site Select the "post ad" button. Choose a city, give a description of the performance, take a picture of the ticket and attach its photo to the ad. Select the category "sale", "tickets" and subcategories: "concerts", "theaters", etc. Enter your mobile phone number or email address, but it is better if it is a telephone. Then it will be easier for a potential buyer to contact you.

Step 3

The site is one of the most popular classifieds sites in the Russian Internet. Follow the link and select the item "Post an ad". Fill in the appropriate fields with name, email, city, category, title, and describe the tickets and performance. Attach a ticket photo and your mobile number. Be sure to write the price, otherwise your ad will attract fewer views.

Step 4

The site will help you sell tickets for concerts, theaters, sporting events, etc. The system will prompt you to register. Enter your details and email address. Click on the "Sell" button. Choose a category (concerts, theater, tourism, etc.), place your ad text, attach a photo and write your phone number.

Step 5

The resource will assist you in selling tickets. To do this, follow the link (ticket exchange), write your e-mail and phone number, describe as vividly as possible the concert where you sell tickets. Click the Add Post button and your announcement will be posted on the forum.

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