What Are The Rules For Arab Women?

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What Are The Rules For Arab Women?
What Are The Rules For Arab Women?

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Not all Russian women believe in the fairy tales of the East, many are afraid to meet with foreign Muslims, especially to marry them. However, the real situation of the Eastern woman is not at all tragic.

Oriental woman
Oriental woman


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On many websites and forums dedicated to the life of Arab women, there are often very heated discussions about their real situation. There are several main myths among feminists. Western feminists are constantly trying to fight for the liberation of Eastern women from male oppression. Women from Europe do not want Muslim husbands for their daughters, and the question arises: why? Yes, because Western society has formed a certain image of an odious Arab Muslim who has several wives at once, beats them, does not allow them to study, is a terrorist.

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Society ascribes to men professing Islam the image of a certain terrorist, ready to blow up anything and anywhere, who does not love his children, especially girls, rejoices at the birth of only boys. And he does not let his wives out of the house, they can do this only when accompanied by other family members. In a word, an unsightly, even terrible, image of a tyrant man is drawn, whom a Muslim woman must please.

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Some women, of Russian origin, convert to Islam, marry Arabs, and move to the Islamic world for permanent residence. They talk a lot about their life on the Internet. The myth that a Muslim woman has no rights is fundamentally untrue. Women there can study, work, and participate in social life.

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The fact that girls in the East are married off without love is not true. For them, the main thing is that the husband and wife are not disgusting to each other, so girls can quite easily find a husband for love. Parents, too, do not offer much resistance to the union of the young. Here you can cite as an example women in Europe, Russia, the United States. It is time for them to envy Muslim women, they marry and live with a husband, who is obliged to support the family. A Muslim man will never drive his wife to work. The civilized West is increasingly practicing civil marriages "for grinding". But this is only a cover for the irresponsible attitude of a Western man towards women and family.

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Muslims cannot and do not beat their wife. First of all, his wife's relatives beat him well in return. If the wife has traces of beatings, then this is the basis for dissolving the marriage and at the same time suing the husband for most of the property. You really can't go anywhere without your husband's permission. But if he thinks that there is no need to go to some place, then it is not necessary. And an intelligent woman of the East always believes that a man is a head. But she's the neck! And the head will always look where the neck turns.

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