How To Return Insurance In

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How To Return Insurance In
How To Return Insurance In

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Video: How To Return Insurance In
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The fact that for drivers an OSAGO policy is simply necessary, today no one will dispute. But when selling a car or its serious breakdown, disposal policy is no longer needed. In this case, OSAGO should be returned to the insurer. However, a number of questions immediately arise here, among which it is worth highlighting, first of all, the following: how to return the insurance?

How to get your insurance back
How to get your insurance back

It is necessary

  • - passport;
  • - a copy of the TCP;
  • - original insurance of OSAGO;
  • - receipt of payment for OSAGO.


Step 1

Remember that you have every right to terminate a previously concluded contract for a number of good reasons. The first reason is the sale of your vehicle. Second, your vehicle is not subject to further restoration. And finally, the third reason is that the person who owned the car or was insured for it died. Reasons such as "did not like the service" are not accepted for consideration. In this case, you can terminate the contract, but you cannot count on a refund.

Step 2

Let's say you sold your vehicle, and the insurance will still be valid for more than six months. In this case, do not leave your money to the insurers. In such a situation, you should go to the insurance company as soon as possible and resolve your issue, because the date of contacting it will be the moment when the insurance contract terminates. Accordingly, the longer you delay, the lower the amount of your money back.

Step 3

Write a statement to the insurance company. You must have a passport, a copy of the title of the new owner, the original of the OSAGO insurance and, if preserved, a receipt for the payment of the OSAGO.

Step 4

Situation two - the car turned into a heap of iron. In this case, the date of the accident will be the expiry date of the insurance contract. The set of documents will be the same here.

Step 5

Situation three - the owner of the car died. There are no special features here. The set of documents is still the same. And the date of termination of the contract will be the date of death of the owner of the vehicle.

Step 6

As a result of contacting the insurance company, you will receive money quickly enough, according to the law, within fourteen days from the date of contact.

Step 7

Now regarding the amount to be refunded. This question is somewhat sensitive. The fact is that according to some regulatory documents, upon termination of a contract with an insurance company, twenty-three percent is charged from the insured person. But such a tariff rate is not provided for either by the rules of insurance for OSAGO, much less by the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. Despite the fact that many companies still make such deductions, most people still go to court and get their money back in full.

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