Where To Complain About The Caregivers

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Where To Complain About The Caregivers
Where To Complain About The Caregivers

Video: Where To Complain About The Caregivers

Video: Where To Complain About The Caregivers
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Often, the parents of a baby who are taken to kindergarten have misunderstandings and conflicts with his teacher. Problems can be of very different kinds, ranging from an indifferent attitude towards a child, ending with outright rudeness of a teacher. What to do and where to complain if you cannot agree with the teacher?

Where to complain about the caregivers
Where to complain about the caregivers


Step 1

Before you complain about the teacher, try to figure out the situation yourself. If it comes to one bruise or bruise in a child, then you need to understand that in groups where more than 10 children are kept, bruises and bumps cannot be avoided, even if the teacher is very attentive to them.

Step 2

It's another matter if the caregiver is inactive from day to day and the number of injuries in your child only increases. Listen to the child's words if he tells you that he is offended in the garden, beaten, called rude words, ignore his requests. For example, a child constantly freezes during a walk, asks to return to the group, and the teacher continues to "walk" him. These and other similar situations should prompt you to have a serious conversation with your child's group caregiver.

Step 3

If the teacher does not intend to reconsider his actions, is openly rude to you and adheres to the same manner of communication in relation to other parents, you will have to act in a different way and complain about the teacher's behavior to higher authorities.

Step 4

First, write an application addressed to the head of the kindergarten where your child goes. In the application, state what your grievance is with the provider. It is good if this statement is signed by as many parents of your group as possible.

Step 5

If the head does not take any action, explaining her inaction by the fact that she does not have enough personnel to change the teacher, contact the Office (Department) of Education of the administration of your city district or district where the kindergarten is located.

Step 6

If you do not achieve real results, send a complaint in the form of an application for checking the kindergarten to the city prosecutor's office. In the application, justify your requirements by the fact that this teacher and the head of a particular kindergarten are negligent in their duties. And this can, in turn, entail disastrous consequences for the children of the children's institution.

Step 7

All statements and complaints must be written in writing. You can take them to the institution in person. But it is also possible to send them by mail with a notification and an inventory of the attachment of documents in an envelope.

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