Where Is Alena Vodonaeva Now

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Where Is Alena Vodonaeva Now
Where Is Alena Vodonaeva Now

Video: Where Is Alena Vodonaeva Now

Video: Where Is Alena Vodonaeva Now
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In 2004, a new show appeared on the screens of the country, which attracted the attention of millions - DOM-2. Almost all of its members soon became the owners of thousands of fans who did not stop following the life of their idols even after they left the project. Ex-participant of the show - Alena Vodonaeva for ten years has continued to delight her fans with new rumors, gossip, pictures, etc.

Where is Alena Vodonaeva now
Where is Alena Vodonaeva now

On the road to glory

Alena Yurievna Vodonaeva was born on July 2, 1982 in Tyumen. Prior to the project, Alena studied the craft of a journalist at the Tyumen Humanitarian University, worked on local television and in newspapers.

Alena is used to always achieving what she likes. Having fallen in love with the members of the Ivanushki International group, she managed to get through to them and interview them.

When the casting for a new show was announced, Alena purposefully went to it. Initially, the girl was interested in visiting a reality show and describing her experience in her thesis, and already the second goal was Stepan Menshikov. I must say that Alena quickly fell in love with herself, having performed on her first day on the project an erotic dance with a live boa constrictor.

For the entire time of the project (Alena spent 1067 days at the DOM-2 show, from July 10, 2004 to June 12, 2007), the Tyumen beauty gained fame as a scandalous girl who can arrange a squabble over any little thing. Alena clashed with Stepan, with Olga Buzova, with the hosts of the project, with her subsequent soul mates (Anton Potapovich, May Abrikosov), etc. But, nevertheless, the public's interest in her antics did not wane.

And yet, in 2007, Alena left the perimeter of the project and went on a big voyage, having scandalous fame behind her.

The entire Vodonaeva family, who lived in Tyumen, had already moved to Moscow by that time. However, Alena did not want to live with them and rented an apartment.


Life without cameras greeted Alena with open arms. Having become a famous person, she began to receive various invitations for work and cooperation.

In 2008, she recorded a song with the Plazma group, then became the host of the Internet reality show Reality Girl with Otar Kushanashvili, but due to quarrels with him, she left the project.

In 2010, Alena was invited to become the host of Naked Ten on Rent-TV, and a year later, together with Anfisa Chekhova, she hosted the Good Night, Men.

In 2012, Alena again faced a reality show, but this time it was the "Vacations in Mexico-2" project, the host of which she worked for exactly four months. The fact is that problems began in Alena's family, and she had to return to her husband and child.

Alena Vodonaeva's husband is businessman Alexei Malokanov, the wedding took place in 2009. In 2010 Alena gave birth to her son Bogdan. And in 2013, the couple divorced.

In 2013, the country again saw Vodonaeva on the screens, this time in the show "Dancing with the Stars". In this project, Alena, together with Yevgeny Papunaishvili, took second place.

The career of a journalist stopped attracting Alena a long time ago, she was more interested in the life of a simple socialite. Participation in fashion shows, commenting on your life in social networks, shooting in advertising, etc.

Now Alena has moved to St. Petersburg with her young lover Yuri Ande, while the child has remained in Moscow with Alena's relatives. Recently, a picture of Alena appeared on social networks, where she stands at an open window and holds her stomach with her hand. Fans believe that Alena may soon have another child.

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