Elena Igorevna Proklova: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Elena Igorevna Proklova: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Elena Igorevna Proklova: Biography, Career, Personal Life

Video: Elena Igorevna Proklova: Biography, Career, Personal Life

Video: Elena Igorevna Proklova: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Video: Елена Проклова биография, личная жизнь, муж, дети, актриса сериала Андреевский флаг 2023, May

One of the few domestic actresses who, in her "many over sixties" looks great and does not hide the fact that she has repeatedly turned to the services of plastic surgery, Elena Igorevna Proklova has not left TV screens recently, participating in various talk shows and openly covering their personal relationships. Currently, millions of fans throughout the post-Soviet space are watching with great pleasure the development of plots in television programs: "Let them talk", "In fact" and "The fate of a man."

TV face without age
TV face without age

Elena Igorevna Proklova is known to the general public today not only for her participation in many theatrical performances and filming dozens of cinematic projects, but also for her very stormy personal life, which she does not hide. And her image, symbolizing a real Russian woman with a unique creative destiny, arouses increased interest among millions of her fans.

Brief biography and career of Elena Igorevna Proklova

On September 2, 1953, a future movie star was born in the capital of our Motherland. The successor of an old noble family and a native of their teaching family from childhood was in a dense artistic environment. After all, her grandfather Viktor Timofeevich worked at Mosfilm as an assistant director, and therefore often took his granddaughter with him. In addition, the family dacha was located in the village of artists, who constantly came to visit the good-natured owners.

In addition to the desire to become an actress, Lena showed particular zeal in artistic gymnastics. So, at the age of eleven, she was able to defend the title of master of sports. And from the age of twelve, he began to actively act in various films, so that he had to receive secondary education as an external student. And after graduating from school, Elena easily enters the Moscow Art Theater School-Studio at the acting department.

In 1973, the aspiring actress graduated from a theater university and joined the Moscow Art Theater troupe. At the same time, she reappears on the screen, resuming filming in a movie. In addition, Elena Proklova receives a diploma of a landscape designer, again showing remarkable creative talent.

Elena made her film debut with Alexander Mitta's film "They Call, Open the Door". By the way, this project in 1965 at the Venice International Film Festival received a prestigious award in the category "Children's Films". Then there was the role of Gerda in The Snow Queen, children's films in the films Burn, Burn, My Star and The Transition Period.

Until 1989, the filmography of the actress was replenished with film works: "Key without the right to transfer", "Mimino", "The only one …", "Dog in the manger" and others. And in the dashing "nineties", when the film industry was in decline, she disappeared from the screens, noting herself only at the very end of this difficult for the whole decade of the outgoing century with film works in the projects of "D. D. D. D. Dossier of detective Dubrovsky "and" Chekhov and K ".

In this century, Elena Proklova took part in the filming of only three films: "The Yellow Dwarf", "Happiness by Prescription" and "A Mom is Better!".

Since 2002, the actress regularly appears on television programs. In the list of her television projects, the reality shows "The Last Hero 3: Lost", "Malakhov +" and the talk show "Housing and Communal Services" should be highlighted.

Since 2010, Proklova has stopped her cinematic career, but she devotes a lot of time to the capital's theater stage. The whole country is well aware of her loud statements about intimate relations with Andrei Mironov, Oleg Tabakov and Oleg Yankovsky. In addition, today there is a lot of talk around her person, related to the adoption of Islam and bequeathing to female compatriots, whose husbands were once her lovers.

Personal life of the artist

The first spouse of Elena Proklova was Melik-Karamov (director), to whom she gave her daughter Arina. But the passionate and fickle nature of a creative person could not keep herself within the strict framework of one family. And therefore the marriage ordered "to live a long time." Today, her numerous "office" novels have become the property of the entire public. And among the series of many lovers of the film star, Oleg Yankovsky should be singled out separately, because the duration and brightness of these very relationships goes beyond the general trend. After all, only the termination of pregnancy became the reason for their breakup.

The second husband of the actress was Alexander Deryabin (doctor). Here, the reason for the breakup was the death of the twin sons, which the couple could not survive with dignity.

Andrei Trishin, who is a friend of Elena Proklova's older brother, became the third husband of the actress. This relationship was also overshadowed by the death of a newborn son. And in 1994, the couple had a daughter, Polina. It would seem that the family idyll is now eternal, but in 2015 there was a sharp break, which the actress insisted on.

But the history of this relationship is still heard by the public due to the fact that their joint residence in a country house is discussed by Elena on various talk shows. And many people take this for a kind of demarche in order to popularize their own person.

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