How To Get A Lot Of Votes

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How To Get A Lot Of Votes
How To Get A Lot Of Votes

Video: How To Get A Lot Of Votes

Video: How To Get A Lot Of Votes
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Throughout his entire existence, a person has been accompanied by a feeling of excitement and a thirst for competition. In the modern computer society with free access to the Internet, there has been a significant increase in the volume of all kinds of contests and competitions, the prize for which can be either simple attention or a large amount of money. The vastness of the network offers many contests on various topics. Most of the contests are based on photographs and the need to get as many votes as possible.

How to get a lot of votes
How to get a lot of votes


Step 1

Follow the competition rules. The photo must meet criteria such as subject matter, size, quality. A photo will surely attract attention and get voices if it stands out from the rest with its originality, brightness of colors and liveliness.

Step 2

Come up with an interesting title and description for the photo that will be easily remembered for its originality and presentation. There is no need to leave long comments on the photo, as a rule, no one reads such a text. If the photo for the competition is in a personal online album, then you must move it to the top of the personal page. This will allow visitors to immediately notice the contest photo.

Step 3

Start participating in the competition from the very first day. Only in this case will you be able to claim the victory, since most of the visits to the competition by people occur at the very beginning. The longer your photo takes part in the competition, the more people will be able to rate it.

Step 4

Place the link to the photo on your personal page in any social project. Ask online friends and guests to browse it and vote on your photo. You can also contact your friends so that they spread this information to their contacts. If they come to your rescue, then you are guaranteed to expect new voices that will allow you to break into the leading positions.

Step 5

Start advertising your photo intelligently. To do this, comment on the photos of other authors. The comment must be left interesting and creative so that the author of the photo does not have a desire to complain about spam. Try to leave as many comments as possible on the photos of the project participants, this is guaranteed to attract new visitors to your page and allow you to get more votes.

Step 6

Vote for photos of other users who will vote for you in response. In order not to worry about competition, vote for those who are much lower than you in rating.

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