How To Do Everything In 24 Hours

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How To Do Everything In 24 Hours
How To Do Everything In 24 Hours

Video: How To Do Everything In 24 Hours

Video: How To Do Everything In 24 Hours
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In order to have time to do a lot of things in 24 hours, you just need to carefully plan the day, find time for meals and get a good sleep before the busy day comes.

How to do everything in 24 hours
How to do everything in 24 hours

The situation when in 24 hours you need to have time to do an incredible amount of things and visit a dozen places is familiar to many. Moreover, often the need to be in time for everything in the shortest possible time is a reason for panic. In fact, you should not panic, you can meet in 24 hours, you just need to really want to.

First, make a plan

Spend a couple of minutes drawing up an action plan for the next day. This will save you a few precious hours.

The plan must certainly be hourly. Specify the time frame as accurately as possible, but do not forget to reserve 10-15 minutes at each point of the plan.

Keep in mind that you can do everything only if you have a sufficient supply of energy and have decent motivation. The first moment is decided by a hearty breakfast, a timely lunch and a light dinner. The time you will save by skipping meals will not play a special role, but lack of energy and annoying hunger can cause the collapse of great plans.

Don't be distracted by trifles

To do everything, you need to act. We planned to collect documents for obtaining a visa in one day, go ahead. No phone conversations "about everything", no walks in the mall "because on the way", no chatting with old acquaintances who happened to meet you on the route. All this is taboo.

Solve issues quickly

Don't panic. You don't have to try to get things done as quickly as possible. This approach is fraught with unforeseen difficulties, which, in turn, clearly do not help save valuable time.

Remember to prepare

Tough days with a million things to do are usually planned ahead of time. This means that in addition to writing a clear action plan for the "hot" day, you need to carry out other preparatory measures. Such, for example, as sound and healthy sleep. Things are not resolved on a sleepy head, this is understandable and without explanation, therefore, the day before day "X", try to lie down earlier and, accordingly, get up earlier.

If you follow all these simple rules, and also motivate yourself to complete the entire planned to-do list, then it's quite possible to have time for everything in 24 hours. Remember, nothing is impossible for a person. During the day, course projects are written, dozens of textbooks are learned and real masterpieces of creativity are created. Believe in yourself, and you will be able to do even more than you added to your to-do list for the coming day.

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