Naomi Watts: Biography And Personal Life

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Naomi Watts: Biography And Personal Life
Naomi Watts: Biography And Personal Life

Video: Naomi Watts: Biography And Personal Life

Video: Naomi Watts: Biography And Personal Life
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This woman is admired by many. She is already 50 years old, but she looks great. Her career is going uphill: a lot of proposals, successful films. The actress was born in provincial England, but Australia became her home.

Actress Naomi Watss
Actress Naomi Watss

The first steps

As a little girl, Naomi watched her mother play in the theater, so she decided to graduate from acting school. But at first the girl decided to try herself as a model, only the idea was not crowned with much success.

The road to fame is not easy. There were many unsuccessful castings. As a result, her work at Home and Away became the starting point of her career. Of course, the actress also has very passable films on the list, but there are much more successful and diverse roles. It is worth remembering the Japanese horror "The Ring", "Robin Hood", "Painted Veil", "King Kong". By the way, the last film was shot by Peter Jackson and his success was guaranteed.

It is worth noting that for her role in the remake of The Ring, the girl received the Saturn Award (nomination for Best Actress). And the film itself was successful - the budget was no more than $ 50 million, and at the box office the film scored almost 250.

The girl even applied for an Academy Award. This was served by the drama "Impossible", which was based on real events.

Of the last projects, she was remembered by many for her role in the second part of the dystopia "Divergent", unfortunately, the woman will not be able to finish shooting in the film - they refused to shoot the last part due to small fees.

Personal life

Of course, many are interested in how she lives, and most importantly - with whom, an attractive blonde. She had a lot of fans, it is worth highlighting the director Stephen Hopkins, screenwriter Jeff Sminga, Heath Ledger.

But then she met true love - Liv Schreiber, then Naomi was 37 years old. The first child appeared in the family in 2007, the next one the next year. On the Internet, there are many rumors about the separation of a husband and wife. Whether this is actually so is still unknown.

Recently, the actress announced that she would be ready to give birth to a third child, despite her age. She is very fond of her sons - Alexander and Samuel.

General facts

Naomi and Nicole Kidman are good friends. They met at one of the auditions while still very young, but to this day they have a good close relationship. Also, the actress is friends with Benicio Del Toro, a famous actor. She had a joint project with him - the film "21 Grams".

The actress is a vegetarian and never changes her outlook on life. Canned beans are on her list of favorite foods.

In 2001, Naomi was incredibly lucky - she did not have to attend the casting to get a job in the movie Mulholland Drive. She was approved only from a photograph.

While filming in the popular King Kong, the girl fell from a high set. She avoided serious injury through her yoga practice. Of her main fears, the girl singles out the fear of enclosed spaces.

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