Hayden Christensen: Biography, Career And Personal Life

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Hayden Christensen: Biography, Career And Personal Life
Hayden Christensen: Biography, Career And Personal Life

Video: Hayden Christensen: Biography, Career And Personal Life

Video: Hayden Christensen: Biography, Career And Personal Life
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Hayden Christensen is a famous Canadian actor who became famous for his filming in the movie "Star Wars". What is interesting about the biography and personal life of a young man?

Hayden Christensen: biography, career and personal life
Hayden Christensen: biography, career and personal life

Biography of the actor

Hayden was born on April 19, 1981 in one of the largest cities in Canada, Vancouver. The parents of the future actor were immigrants. Father David was originally from Denmark, and Eli's mother had Italian-Swedish roots. Perhaps it was this fact that affected the boy's appearance, which allowed him to appear in commercials from childhood. He received this first experience at the age of eight.

Hayden has a large and large family. In addition to himself, there is also a brother and two sisters. From childhood, the future actor began to play sports. At first it was the hockey section, and then tennis. In both sports, he achieved some success and, if not for the acting profession, he could become an athlete.

One day Hayden went on vacation to his grandmother in New York, where he attended classes in an acting studio. He really liked this, and, returning home, he enrolled in a drama club at school. Parents did not understand the addictions of their son and tried to dissuade him from becoming an actor. But Hayden was adamant.

The beginning of a creative career for Christensen did not work out. He starred in unknown series that did not bring him popularity. But Hayden was hoping for a lucky break. And it happened.

In 2000, director George Lucas was looking for a lead actor for a new Star Wars episode. About 400 people took part in the casting, but the choice fell on an unknown Canadian young man Hayden Christensen. From this moment, his finest hour begins.

After filming in Star Wars, the actor is invited to such films as "The Stephen Glass Affair", "Narcosis", the next episode of Star Wars, "Teleport" and so on. Hayden's popularity is growing every day. He is even included in the list of the 100 best actors of our time.

After that, Christensen played in more than 10 films, but there are no big roles in his career yet. All viewers will remember the action movie "American Robbery" with his participation, which was released in 2015.

A new film starring Christensen, Little Italy, was released this year.

Personal life of the actor

From the very beginning of his successful career, Hayden had affairs with girls who worked with him on the set. So he was credited with a relationship with Natalie Portman, who played in Star Wars.

In 2008, Christensen began dating Rachel Bilson, who played alongside him in Teleport. After two years, they broke up, but then began to live together again. In 2015, the couple had a child, daughter Brier Rose. They carefully concealed their daughter's appearance from the annoying paparazzi, but the reporters still managed to film a happy family on the beach.

A couple of years later, it became known that Christensen and Bilson finally broke up, but maintain friendly relations for the sake of their daughter.

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