How To Congratulate On Novruz Bayram

How To Congratulate On Novruz Bayram
How To Congratulate On Novruz Bayram

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Novruz Bayram (or Novruz Bayramy) is a holiday celebrated in Muslim countries: in Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Iran, in Tatarstan and Bashkiria in Russia, etc. It is celebrated as widely as, for example, the New Year or Ramadan Bayram. Novruz is not a religious holiday, but rather a holiday of spring, the annual renewal of nature. March 21 is officially a day off in many states, so everyone can have fun and congratulate each other. How to congratulate on Novruz Bayram?

How to congratulate on Novruz Bayram
How to congratulate on Novruz Bayram


Step 1

First, you need to know that a few days before the holiday you need to clean the house, pay off debts, forget old grievances and prepare to congratulate loved ones, friends and neighbors with a calm heart and a pure soul. In some countries, it is customary to light torches on the roofs of houses according to the number of family members, to kindle fires on the ground and jump over them in order to spiritually cleanse themselves. Fire cannot be poured with water; ash is then poured onto the road or the outskirts of the village.

Step 2

It is customary to celebrate Novruz Bayram himself in the morning. People go to a river or a spring, wash, splash with water, as it is a symbol of freshness and purity, and wish each other all the best in the New Year. Then it is customary to treat each other with sweets: it is imperative to eat something sweet in the morning (honey or sugar, for example).

Step 3

In every family, a table is set on which seven dishes with the letter C should be present: sumac, sirke (vinegar), semen (wheat porridge), sabzi (herbs), etc. In addition, a mirror, a painted egg and a candle are placed on the table. A candle symbolizes fire or light that protects a person from evil spirits, a mirror is a sign of clarity, an egg is a symbol of the globe. In the legends of some peoples, the earth is supported by the horns of a huge bull, which, when tired, rolls it from one horn to another, after which the New Year begins. To indicate this, people put an egg on a mirror, and the moment at which the egg sways is considered to be the beginning of the New Year, and now you can congratulate each other on its coming. Hug your friends, kiss your loved ones, wish everyone happiness, good luck, health and success.

Step 4

On Navruz, it is customary to give gifts not only to relatives and relatives, but also to friends, even if they are not Muslims. You can also exchange postcards with warm words, for example, in verses:

We meet Navruz together, Lay louder our song!

Congratulations to all sincerely, Let's be together forever!

Step 5

Navruz is a family holiday. It is believed that if you do not celebrate him with his family, then later relatives will not be able to get together for 7 years.

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