How To Send A Parcel Post From Moscow

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How To Send A Parcel Post From Moscow
How To Send A Parcel Post From Moscow

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The procedure for sending a parcel in the whole country is the same. The same postal rules apply in Moscow as in any other constituent entity of the Federation. To send a parcel, you need to visit the post office and complete a number of simple formalities. The prerequisites for the successful completion of this process are also knowledge of where and to whom the parcel should be delivered, and a small amount of money to pay for the services of the post office. You can use the parcel posting service at any post office where it is convenient.

How to send a parcel post from Moscow
How to send a parcel post from Moscow

It is necessary

  • - packing for parcels (the easiest way to get it at the post office);
  • - the item that is planned to be sent by this method;
  • - address of the recipient;
  • - money to pay for mail services.


Step 1

Specify the address of the recipient of the parcel. It is best if you also know its postal code. The parcel will be accepted without it, but the presence of the index will simplify the automatic processing of your shipment and, accordingly, speed up its delivery. Better not rely on memory, but write down all the data in a notebook, electronic notebook, mobile phone, on a separate sheet of paper or other medium.

Step 2

Prepare the contents of the parcel. It is allowed to send books, newspapers, magazines or other printed materials, manuscripts, photographs in this way by postal rules. The value of printed matter should not exceed 10 thousand rubles. The maximum permissible weight of a parcel is from 100 grams to 2 kg.

Step 3

In order for the post office to accept the parcel for shipment, it must be packed. You can solve this issue on your own. But the easiest way is to purchase special packaging directly from the post office: a box according to the size of the contents of the parcel or a large envelope. If you prefer to pack the parcel yourself, please note that postal rules allow the minimum size of this type of mail to be 105x148 mm, and the maximum total should not exceed 60 cm.Separate requirements apply to mailings rolled into a roll: each dimension must be at least 10 cm, and the sum of the length and double size of the roll is 17 mm. Upper limits: one measurement no more than 90 cm, the total sum of length and double thickness is 1.04 m.

Step 4

Indicate the recipient's addresses and your own on the parcels. Yours will be required if the addressee, for some reason, cannot receive the shipment and will have to be returned back. If you do not use standard postal packaging (envelope or box), write the recipient's address in the lower right corner, reverse - in the upper left. The recipient's index is in the lower left corner. Indicate the zip codes, addressee and your own, also in the fields provided for the corresponding addresses.

Step 5

When everything is ready, contact an employee of the post office, inform about your desire to send a parcel, pay for the service and receive a receipt. The postal identifier indicated on it will allow you to track the fate of your parcel through the official website of the Russian Post.

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