Books That Will Teach You To Love Yourself

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Books That Will Teach You To Love Yourself
Books That Will Teach You To Love Yourself

Video: Books That Will Teach You To Love Yourself

Video: Books That Will Teach You To Love Yourself
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Loving yourself is not scary or shameful, but very pleasant. Self-acceptance is a must. An important skill, without which it is very difficult to achieve anything in all spheres of life. Therefore, it is important to learn to accept yourself. And the article will focus on books that will teach you to love yourself.

Self-love books
Self-love books

What does “self-love” mean? Consider a few books whose authors will tell you what it is about taking care of yourself and how to learn to accept yourself first in order to build strong relationships with other people.

52 weeks of self-observation

Varvara Vedeneeva believes that we are today - these are our decisions made yesterday. Accordingly, tomorrow we are our decisions that will be made today. Our life depends on the people with whom we communicate, on the actions that we take, on the desires that come first.

With the help of the diary created by Varvara, you can see what prevents us from living. It is necessary to record the emotions experienced daily on the pages of the book. Thanks to this simple action, you can learn to understand yourself, to love.

The book is suitable for all those who want to change their lives. But you have to show willpower to record your feelings every day.

Eat, pray, love

Elizabeth Gilbert wrote a wonderful book about self-love. The work is based primarily on the biography of the author. Elizabeth in her book will tell how you can live without embellishment, honestly towards yourself.

“Eat, Pray, Love” is a classic of modern literature, which is capable of teaching self-love. And it is based on real cases. The author herself faced the problem of self-dislike and was able to cope with it, radically changing her life.

“Psychophilosophy. A book for those who confused themselves with a stone"

In his book, Andrei Maksimov tells readers about human nature. There are no scandalous stories or surprising truths in the work. The story goes in a calm, friendly tone.

Andrei Maksimov simply talks about what a happy, conscious life is. He will share his opinion on how to live in harmony with himself.

“I want and I will. Accept yourself, love life and become happy"

Mikhail Labkovsky wrote a book about self-love, which made a splash in society. Someone completely agreed with the author, someone harshly criticizes both the psychologist himself and his book. The book did not leave anyone indifferent.

According to Mikhail, everyone has the right to happiness. Absolutely anyone can do what they want. But at the same time, you need to be prepared for the consequences and be able to take responsibility for your own decisions.

In the book, a popular psychologist will tell you how to sort out your feelings, how to find peace of mind and learn to enjoy every moment. The author spent a lot of time to understand the reasons why people are not able to lead a healthy lifestyle and love themselves. He told about them in his work. In addition, Mikhail clearly explains what needs to be done in order to love yourself not for specific achievements, but just like that.

The book, written by Mikhail Labkovsky, is specific. His advice is radical and completely understandable. And they are the ones that cause criticism from readers. The author in his work speaks directly, without fear of offending or upsetting anyone.