Nesbo Yu: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Nesbo Yu: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Nesbo Yu: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Yu Nyosbe is a talented Norwegian detective writer and musician. He became known primarily as the author of books about Inspector Harry Hall. His first detective novel came out in 1997 and was called Bat. At the moment, Yu Nyosbe's books have been translated into more than 40 languages.

Nesbo Yu: biography, career, personal life
Nesbo Yu: biography, career, personal life

early years

Yu Nyosbe was born on March 29, 1960; his childhood was spent in the small town of Molde. The mother of the future writer worked as a librarian, so he became interested in fiction early enough.

In his youth, he was fond of football and even played for a local football team for some time (until he suffered a dangerous knee injury).

After high school, Yu Nyosbe served three years in the army, where he had quite a lot of time to pursue self-education. Nyosbe then became a student at the Norwegian School of Economics and eventually graduated successfully.

In 1992, Yu Nyosbe became one of the founders of the rock group Di Derre, which after a few years achieved significant popularity in Norway. In parallel, Nyosbe continued to engage in economics and financial analytics.

The history of the creation of the first novel and further career

In the mid-nineties, Yu Nyosbe was offered a good job at a prestigious brokerage firm. And from that moment on, he was forced to be torn between rock music and finance. This led to the fact that a year later, Nyosbe required some kind of reboot. Therefore, he took a vacation and flew away from Norway - to Australia. With him, Yu Nyosbe only brought his laptop. The plane flight to the other side of the world lasted 30 hours, during which time he came up with a rough outline of his first novel.

Yu Nyosbe returned to his home country with an almost finished work. Soon he sent it to the publishing house under the pseudonym Kim Erik Lokker. Three weeks later, a letter came to the post office informing that Nyosbe's manuscript would be published.

The novel was released in 1997 under the title Bat. The book was very well received by the reading community. In Norway, she was recognized as the best detective of the year.

Since then, Yu Nyosbe began to professionally engage in literary creativity. His books began to be published with enviable consistency, certainly causing great excitement. In 1999 the novel "Cockroaches" was published, in 2000 - the novel "Little Red Neck", in 2002 - "There was no sorrow", in 2003 - "Pentagram", in 2005 - "The Savior". In all these novels, the main character is the investigator Harry Hole.

And Nyosbe also wrote a separate series of books for children, where the main character is Doctor Proctor - a mad professor who really wants to become famous.

Important events of recent years and personal life

In 2015, the Norwegian writer was awarded the St. Petersburg Reader's Award for Best Foreign Detective Writer 2014.

In the fall of the same 2015, a mini-series in the genre of political thriller called "Occupied" was broadcast in Norway. This series was based on the original idea of ​​Yu Nyosbe.

And in October 2017, Thomas Alfredson's The Snowman, based on the book of the same name by Yu Nyosbe, was released.

The latest novel by the Norwegian writer appeared in stores in April 2018. It's called Macbeth. This book immerses readers in the world of corrupt officials, drug addiction and police intrigues of a small northern town.

Already announced and the release of a new book about the investigator Harry Hall, called "The Knife". It will go on sale in the summer of 2019.

As for the personal life of Yu Nyosbe, little is known about her. The media reported that he has a wife and a daughter, but is currently divorced. The famous writer lives in Oslo.

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