Why Bloggers Go Into Politics

Why Bloggers Go Into Politics
Why Bloggers Go Into Politics

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Many famous personalities - politicians, artists, writers, athletes - start personal blogs on the Internet and quickly acquire thousands of virtual friends (“friends”). It also happens in another way: an interesting blog of an ordinary person becomes a center of attraction for like-minded people who form something like a political movement, and a popular blogger goes into politics …

Why bloggers go into politics
Why bloggers go into politics

The Internet is almost not controlled by the authorities and is perceived by users as a territory of practically unlimited freedom of speech. Of course, on each virtual site, the owners establish their own rules and prohibitions, but the Internet is good because anyone can find like-minded people there with whom he will practically have no disagreements and, therefore, no restrictions in self-expression.

The more the freedom of speech and especially the freedom of criticism in other media is limited, the more popular are political Internet resources, where you can calmly discuss the pressing problems that the government creates for citizens. The leader of such communities is usually a person who knows how to convincingly substantiate his point of view, extract interesting facts or analyze information that other participants have found.

If in real life the proverb is true: "They meet according to their clothes, they see them off according to their minds", then in the Internet community they are greeted precisely because of their intelligence, as well as their ability to express themselves colorfully. This skill is sometimes, unfortunately, confused with the mind …

Any informational occasion that the government gives to citizens is discussed on the Internet, and supporters of all points of view have the opportunity to express themselves. Sometimes the discussion becomes so heated that the authorities are forced to respond to the outrage of the Internet community. The participant who initiated the discussion or made the most significant contribution to the restoration of justice becomes the hero of the Internet.

If such revelations of abuse occur regularly, like-minded people and volunteers gather around the blogger, who perceive him as a political leader. Inevitably, the fight for justice spills over into reality. Protests can spill out onto the streets in the form of flash mobs or more serious political actions led by this blogger and his friends.

This is a typical case of the emergence of a truly popular leader. It is not surprising if he tries to get into the structures of the official power. If a blogger is popular enough, he will have support from below. Of course, it is not a fact that a person who knows how to write brightly and bitingly will turn out to be a good politician or business executive.

But, on the other hand, it is unlikely that there will be more harm from him than from famous athletes in parliament or citizens with a criminal past as mayor or governor. In any case, the blogger, who was nominated to power by ordinary Internet users, will be constantly monitored by these users and their impartial criticism in case of mistakes and wrong steps of the people's politician.

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