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How To Quit A Post In
How To Quit A Post In

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Fasting is good for the body, including from a medical point of view. Rest from foods that are heavy on the digestive system helps to improve the functioning of all organs of the gastrointestinal tract. But the return to the usual diet should not be abrupt; you should leave the fast gradually, so as not to shock your body with sudden changes.

How to quit a post
How to quit a post


Step 1

Observe the main principle of nutrition, which works not only when leaving the post, but also whenever something new is introduced into the diet or a habit to a different regime is developed: eat a little. Better small portions, the frequency of priming of which will be 2-3 hours, than hearty breakfasts, lunches and dinners. The load on the digestive system will be gradual, so you will not experience much discomfort, even if you start to eat heavy foods immediately after you leave the fast.

Step 2

Nevertheless, try to exclude some products in the first days. These are, first of all, baked goods, salted nuts and chips, everything fried, pickled and salted, all kinds of products with unnatural flavor enhancers, dry semi-finished products like noodles and mashed potatoes, as well as sweet carbonated drinks. It is better not to eat a lot of mushrooms and, if possible, not drink coffee. Even if you start consuming these foods immediately after Easter, at least add them to your diet in small amounts. Easter cakes should be eaten yesterday, as fresh baked goods can cause discomfort during digestion.

Step 3

On Easter, it is better to eat less animal protein, including eggs. They are relatively easy to digest, but if you eat too much of them, you may feel unwell. One or two eggs are enough for the body to understand that it is time to again adapt to the digestion of food of animal origin. If you decide to eat something from meat products, then it is advisable to prefer lean boiled chicken or beef. For fish, cod or pike perch are the best options. In general, dietary protein intake should be expanded slowly and gradually.

Step 4

Don't give up on the healthy eating habits you develop during the fast. If you have enriched your table with fresh fruits and vegetables, cereals, then after you stop fasting, do not reduce the amount of fresh food. Replacing mayonnaise with vegetable oil is good not only during fasting, but also in the future.

Step 5

Try to drink as much as possible. Juices, fruit drinks and compotes, as well as mineral and ordinary pure water - this is what will help you feel good, even if you eat too much hard-to-digest food. Before starting a meal of protein foods, you can drink a glass of red wine, it stimulates digestion, and is also great as an aperitif.

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