How To Quit A Garage Cooperative

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How To Quit A Garage Cooperative
How To Quit A Garage Cooperative

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If you are not satisfied with the way things are in the garage cooperative of which you are a member, you can leave it. However, to begin with, read the charter again and find out on what conditions you will be able to do this in the least painless way.

How to quit a garage cooperative
How to quit a garage cooperative


Step 1

Read carefully the charter of the garage cooperative. Typically, standard founding documents always indicate that one of the rights of a member of the cooperative is the ability to withdraw from it at any time. But in practice, you must first consider all the possible consequences.

Step 2

If you have not paid the full share contribution yet, then all rights to the garage belong to the cooperative. After leaving it, you will receive, within two months after the end of the financial year, all the money that was deposited into the account of the share. If the contribution is fully paid, but you did not register the title to the property, then you will also be refunded only the money you transferred to the cooperative's account.

Step 3

To leave the garage cooperative without any special losses, first pay the share, then contact the UFRS (EIRTs) and register the ownership of the garage. And only after that, contact the chairman of the garage cooperative with a statement of withdrawal.

Step 4

As soon as your exit from the cooperative is approved at the general meeting of its members, submit a petition to the BTI on the question of surveying the site on which your garage is located. Otherwise, it can be demolished at any time, in accordance with article 622 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, which states that the subleaseholder is obliged to return the land plot in its original form.

Step 5

Go to court if, for any reason, the municipality from which the cooperative leases land, or the cooperative itself refuses to provide you with a plot. It is possible that the court will allow you to continue to use the land where your garage is located as a tenant or sub-tenant, although such a case is not easy to win without a skilled lawyer.

Step 6

Only when all the documents for the garage and land are in your hands, conclude separate service contracts with security guards, wipers, car mechanics and other technical staff of the cooperative.

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