What Does Faith In God Give To A Person?

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What Does Faith In God Give To A Person?
What Does Faith In God Give To A Person?

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The topic of religion has been and remains the most controversial in the public, social and cultural life of mankind. Faith is passed on to some with mother's milk, while others remain atheists all their lives.

What does faith in God give to a person?
What does faith in God give to a person?

The path to faith

Everyone can believe in God, for this it is not necessary to have any special abilities or belong to a special social stratum. Regardless of what family and environment a person grew up in, he can be an atheist or be a believer. Nobody knows what determines a person's attitude to religion. However, this attitude can change dramatically during life, for example, an ardent atheist can become a clergyman, or vice versa.

Faith is hidden in someone's soul, hiding behind external unbelief, and due to certain events and incidents in a person's life, it can break out. In this case, this is forced, unconscious atheism, nurtured by the accidents of fate. Very often a person, claiming that he does not believe in God, thus simply tries to convince himself of his absence. It is simply vital for him, it is a response, a defensive reaction. Committing sins, a person then suffers from his own conscience and, in order to somehow justify these sins, convinces himself that there is no God, therefore, it is possible to sin and there will be no consequences behind this.

At the same time, faith is the way back, leading to God, and not hiding from him. A path that does not justify sins, but recognizes them and leads to cleansing from them. At some point in their lives, many begin to look for a way to this path for various reasons, be it dissatisfaction with their own life or the search for the meaning of this life. Often such a spiritual need arises only when all the lower needs have already been satisfied, but the soul has not found peace.

Spiritual saturation

No matter how many material goods a person has, he can never get enough of them. It will always be not enough for a person, this is how he is arranged. The more money he has, the higher his requests and needs. Thus, peace never comes. And as soon as a person receives everything he wants, he immediately realizes that this is not all that he wanted, and so on ad infinitum.

Faith in God makes it clear that in order to get enough, to pacify your appetite, you do not have to consume more and more material. It is enough to taste spiritual food only once, and then no external manifestations of life and its imperfections will be able to shake peace and inner harmony. This is the most important thing that a person receives by starting to believe. That which is impossible to touch with your hands, but can only be felt in your heart.

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