Yakupov Nail Railovich: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Yakupov Nail Railovich: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Yakupov Nail Railovich: Biography, Career, Personal Life

Video: Yakupov Nail Railovich: Biography, Career, Personal Life

Video: Yakupov Nail Railovich: Biography, Career, Personal Life
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Yakupov Nail is a young, but already quite successful and well-known hockey player of the NHL team. His career began in Russia. He simply could not become someone else - his whole biography is connected with sports, from an early age he was engaged in hockey.

Yakupov Nail Railovich: biography, career, personal life
Yakupov Nail Railovich: biography, career, personal life

Yakupov Nail Railovich is one of the most productive modern hockey players. Despite the fact that he is still quite young, he already has a huge number of goals scored, many invitations to the most famous hockey clubs in the world. Success did not become for him a reason for star fever and inappropriate behavior, as often happens with those whose careers are developing rapidly.

Biography of hockey player Nail Yakupov

Nail was born in 1993, in the city of Nizhnekamsk, Republic of Tatarstan. His nationality is Tatar, he adheres to the Muslim religion. The entire family of the young hockey star is associated with sports. Nail's father, a hockey functionary, gave his son his first skates when he was 3 years old. Thanks to the support of the family, the boy was able to develop his abilities without compromising his general secondary education. We can safely say that Nail Yakupov is successful in everything.

In the stratum of his career, the hockey player suffered a serious hand injury, but thanks to the fact that his parents supported him, found the best specialists, he quickly recovered and was able to continue training and performing first for the clubs of his native city and republic, and then moved abroad.

Hockey player Nailya Yakupova's career

The first team of Yakupov Nail was "Reactor" from Tatarstan. The games in the framework of the International Hockey League brought Nail 2 effective assists and 4 goals scored. Then there was an injury, treatment and rehabilitation. After full recovery, Yakupov played for the famous club "Neftekhimik", where he was noticed by representatives of the foreign team. The decision to move to Canada was made by the Yakupovs by the whole family, by the whole family and moved.

For a fairly short time, Nail Yakupov won many prestigious hockey awards. In his "piggy bank" already has

  • bronze and silver medals from the World Championships,
  • the title of the best rookie of the year in 2011,
  • Emms Family Eward Award,
  • place of the best draft prospectus CHL,
  • 1st place NHL Draft 2012.

However, information appeared in the press that, due to a decrease in performance indicators, the Canadian representatives of the Hockey League did not plan to renew the contract with Yakupov, and he decided to return to Russia. The athlete himself has not yet confirmed this.

Personal life of Yakupov Nail

Today Nail is an enviable groom, but claims that his heart is already taken. This is also indicated by his accounts on social networks, where pictures of the athlete regularly appear with the same girl - the famous blogger Natasha Bliss.

The couple does not plan to officially legalize the relationship. Young people also have no children yet. Both of them are focused on their careers, but they also find time for romantic meetings. Natasha and Nail are not at all shy about their feelings and delight fans with cute photos and videos.