Goltsov Denis Alexandrovich: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Goltsov Denis Alexandrovich: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Goltsov Denis Alexandrovich: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Denis Goltsov is a Russian athlete, winner of various awards in mixed martial arts and combat sambo. He performs in the heavy category, uses a variety of combat techniques, which is why fights with Denis's participation are always particularly spectacular.

Goltsov Denis Alexandrovich: biography, career, personal life
Goltsov Denis Alexandrovich: biography, career, personal life

Early biography

Denis Alexandrovich Goltsov was born in 1990 in St. Petersburg. From a young age, thanks to the example of his brother, he was involved in the world of sports, starting with basketball, and then switching to boxing. In parallel with his studies at the St. Petersburg school number 57, the young man gained more and more experience, confidently winning amateur tournaments and gaining excellent athletic form. After leaving school, Denis entered St. Petersburg State University, and after a while he transferred to Voenmekh. Around this time, he left boxing and started sambo training.

By that time, Goltsov had already defended the title of master of sports in boxing, and also twice became the champion in the city. Knowledge of various combat techniques allowed the young man to try himself in mixed martial arts, in which he was invited by the well-known coach Alexander Korshunov, who is involved in the education of the Russian national team. Nevertheless, Denis always liked sambo more, and the skills he gained in boxing only accelerated the path to new victories.

Persistent and almost daily work on himself allowed Denis Goltsov to become a permanent winner of the Russian junior championship, and then to receive the long-awaited adult category. Today he is a master of sports in combat sambo and a European champion in sports sambo, and also bears the titles of vice-champion of the country and European champion in weight up to 100 kg (at the moment, the constant weight of an athlete is already 110 kg with an increase of 198 cm) …

Career and personal life

To date, the famous athlete has participated in eight major combat sambo championships, in two of which he won, and in the rest he entered the top three finalists. For his successes in sports and the popularization of sambo, he has repeatedly received gratitude from Russian President Vladimir Putin. Possessing impressive height and weight, Goltsov feels confident when fighting in a standing position and almost never lets an opponent come close to him. At the same time, it is difficult to overcome him on the ground. Goltsov actively tries himself in various leagues of mixed martial arts and has already shown good results at the PFL, ACB and RCC tournaments.

Denis most often adheres to the expectant tactics of fighting, trying to catch the right moment and lay down his opponent in one quick motion. His skillful technical actions allow him to earn enough points to lead the tournaments. It should be noted that in everyday life Denis is sociable and good-natured. He has been married since 2013 and is currently raising a son. In his free time, he prefers hunting and fishing, always getting inner peace from solitude with nature.

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