How To Preserve Nature

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How To Preserve Nature
How To Preserve Nature

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It is hard not to notice that the surrounding nature needs our protection. However, people often do exactly the opposite - they destroy nature and treat it as "consumers". But what will future generations see in this case? Hardly something good, so you need to make an effort and try to save nature.

How to preserve nature
How to preserve nature


Step 1

Your first steps in conservation are unlikely to be too global, so first, just pay attention to your habits, your behavior and try to fix them. For example, when you go on a picnic, clean up all the trash after you, do not wash your car in a water source, do not pollute it (remember that your actions can damage both the surrounding flora and fauna). Also, not the best option is burning garbage (especially plastic) and leaves.

Step 2

Minimize any chemical detergents and cosmetics, and if you use, then properly dispose of them (separate the trash), since even this simple step will help you to pollute the environment as little as possible.

Step 3

It is worth mentioning the plastic bags, which are common in almost all countries. They are preferred because they are lightweight, waterproof and cheap, and you can carry anything in them.

However, used plastic bags rarely end up in landfills. Much more often they can be seen in the middle of the streets: on fences, trees, and so on. But in order to destroy a plastic bag, nature takes from 200 to 300 years, sometimes even more. Therefore, it is necessary to limit the thoughtless use of such bags, replace them with textile bags.

Step 4

Remember that protecting nature starts from your own home, so save energy (buy more economical models of equipment: washing machines, refrigerators, and so on). It would seem that the savings are small, but this is only at first glance, because on a national scale this will help to close at least one nuclear power plant. By saving energy, you are also contributing to the fight against global warming.

Do not forget to turn off the lights, because each kilowatt of electricity consumed means the release of about 500 grams of carbon dioxide into the environment (it is this gas that is considered to be the cause of the "greenhouse" effect.

Step 5

An important factor is transport, which most of all causes damage to nature. If possible, avoid cars and buses, give preference to trams, trolleybuses, and even better bicycles, since saving any resources is an integral element of preserving wildlife.

Step 6

A healthy lifestyle also plays an important role. Better limit yourself to drinking and smoking, which also harms not only you, but also the environment.

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