How To Protect Nature

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How To Protect Nature
How To Protect Nature

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Environmental pollution is one of the most pressing problems of our time. As a result, the health of the current population is significantly deteriorating, and, worst of all, an extremely unfavorable environmental situation is created for the life of future generations. At the same time, each person is able to comply with the principles of nature protection, which include a set of the simplest and most ordinary actions.

Environmental pollution is one of the most pressing problems of our time
Environmental pollution is one of the most pressing problems of our time


Step 1

Protecting the environment starts with saving resources - saving water and electricity.

1. Saving electricity

Reducing electricity consumption will reduce the burden on the planet, because in an effort to extract fuel for power plants, the subsoil will be mined and deforested less intensively. To reduce electricity consumption, replace ordinary light bulbs with energy-saving ones, do not leave switched on electrical appliances (TV, computer, etc.) idle, purchase only class A household appliances.

2. Saving water

The reserves of clean fresh water on the planet are rapidly decreasing, in addition, a large amount of wastewater pollutes the remaining water bodies, which has an extremely negative impact on the environment. To conserve water at home, do not leave the tap open while shaving and brushing your teeth; instead, pour water into a glass. Do not wash the dishes under running water, but in a sink with a closed drain plug. Install an economical diffuser in your shower. Use the washing machine with a fully loaded drum.

Step 2

Conservation of nature also means throwing out garbage only in specially designated places. The most optimal solution is the purchase of garbage containers for different types of waste and the conclusion of an agreement with the municipal service on separate garbage collection.

If such services are not provided in your city, try not to throw garbage in the wrong places. It's pretty straightforward.

1. Do not litter in entrances, in yards, on city streets. If you need to throw something away (chocolate wrapper, empty chip bag, etc.) but there is no container nearby, put the waste in a small bag and throw it away at home.

2. After repairs, do not multiply illegal landfills with construction waste. Instead, hire a dedicated company to transport your debris to a designated location.

3. Always collect your trash after outdoor trips (empty bottles, disposable dishes, scraps, bags, etc.).

Step 3

Polyethylene, which is popular today, causes great damage to the environment. We need to protect nature and not multiply this damage. Try to avoid using plastic wrap. For example, wrap leftover food in paper wrap instead of plastic wrap. Place your store purchases in paper bags or cloth shopping bags instead of plastic bags.

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