How To Write A Complaint To The Department

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How To Write A Complaint To The Department
How To Write A Complaint To The Department

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The executive authorities, as a rule, are endowed with control functions in relation to the institutions subordinate to them. Therefore, complaints about shortcomings in the work of such institutions and their officials - perhaps most often it concerns educational institutions and medical institutions - have to be sent to the appropriate department. If such a need has affected you too, use our advice on how to properly compose and file a complaint.

How to write a complaint to the department
How to write a complaint to the department


Step 1

To get started, in the telephone information service, find out the telephone number of the department to which you are going to file a complaint.

Step 2

Then, by phoning directly to the department, clarify the following questions:

- whether the agency or official you are about to file a complaint is under the jurisdiction of this department;

- full name of the department;

- surname, name, patronymic of the head of the department;

- department address and office hours.

Step 3

Armed with the above information, you can begin filing a complaint.

Step 4

There is no obligatory form for complaints, the complaint is drawn up in any form. Even the word "complaint" can be replaced, for example, with the words "statement", "appeal" or you can do without a heading at all, replacing it with an appeal to the head "Dear (Name, Patronymic)!"

Step 5

In order to clearly identify the sender and recipient of the complaint, as well as to clearly provide your contact information, in the upper left corner of the sheet write the so-called “cap”, which should look something like this: “To the Head of the Department of Health of the Ensk region

Petrov P.P. from Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich, residing at the address:

Ensk, st. Such and such, house number 1, apt. # 2

contact phone: 89101234567 ".

Step 6

Below the cap in the middle of the sheet, write, as mentioned above, the word "complaint", "application", "appeal" or "Dear Petr Petrovich!"

Step 7

In the text of the complaint, briefly and clearly state the essence of your appeal. Be sure to indicate the exact dates, times, surnames, names, patronymics and positions of the persons who violated your rights, as well as other information necessary to concretize the violation committed against you.

Step 8

At the end of your complaint, state the purpose for which the complaint was made or your request. For example, “I ask you to check on the violations I described and inform me about the results”, “I ask you to take measures to suppress violations of the rights of patients of polyclinic No. 10, otherwise I will have to contact the prosecutor’s office” and other options depending on the specific situation.

Step 9

Complete the complaint with your signature and current date.

Step 10

So, the complaint has been made. Before filing a complaint with the department, be sure to make a photocopy of it yourself.

Step 11

There are several ways to make a complaint:

- in person, at a reception with the head of the department;

- personally through the secretariat of the department;

- by mail by registered mail with a notification and a list of attachments. If you serve the complaint in person, the person receiving the complaint from you is obliged to put on a photocopy of the complaint that remains with you: his surname and initials, position, date of acceptance of the document. By mail, you will receive a notification of service as confirmation of the submission of a complaint to the department. Attach it to your remaining photocopy of the complaint and keep them together. You must receive a response to your complaint within one month from the date the department received the complaint.

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