Kirill Kozakov: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life

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Kirill Kozakov: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life
Kirill Kozakov: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life

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Kirill Kozakov is a representative of a well-known acting dynasty, one of the few who did not dream of going on the stage of the theater or acting in films. But fate decreed otherwise. In his filmography there are more than 50 works, he is recognizable and successful in the profession.

Kirill Kozakov: biography, creativity, career, personal life
Kirill Kozakov: biography, creativity, career, personal life

Russian viewers know the stately handsome, talented actor Kirill Kozakov from such films as The Countess de Monsoreau, The Fifth Guard, the third film Love-Carrot, and the recently released Torgsin, in which he played a hypnotist-psychiatrist. It is impossible not to notice him, even if he brings to life the image of the secondary hero of the film.

Biography of actor Kirill Kozakov

Kirill Kozakov was born into the family of the famous Soviet and Russian actor Mikhail Kozakov and the costume designer of the Central Television Greta Taar, in early November 1962. Soon after the birth of his son, according to some sources a year later, according to others after three, the family broke up, but the boy did not lose his father. Mikhail Mikhailovich took an active part in the upbringing of Kirill and his sister, tried to instill in children a love of beauty - classical literature, theater. However, the plans of the son of a famous actor at that time did not include the career of an actor.


After graduating from school, Kirill was in no hurry to enter the university, he tried many simple working professions - from a concrete paver to a postman and even a baker. Then fate brought him to art, but from a different facet. For some time, the future actor Kirill Kozakov worked as an illuminator at one of the film studios.

Even deciding to enter a specialized university, Kirill hesitated. Initially, he decided to study at the directing faculty of the Studio School at the Moscow Art Theater, but changed it during the entrance exams, became a student of the acting department "Slivers". The art of the actor Kirill Kozakov studied on the course of Viktor Korshunov.

Career of the actor Kirill Kozakov

Inconsistency and adventurism did not disappear from the character of Kirill Kozakov even after graduating from the Schepkinsky school. He tried his hand at several theaters, rushing between the movie set and the stage. In the creative piggy bank of Kirill Kozakov there is a service in troupes of such theaters as

  • Moscow New Drama,
  • Theater of the Russian Army,
  • Theater on Malaya Bronnaya.

Due to the appearance inherited from his father, Cyril received, mainly, the role of aristocrats. On the stage of the theater, he played Clitandre in The Fooled Husband, the Inventor in the play The King, Queen, Jack by Nabokov, Fokine and Massine in Nizhinsky, Shenom Jr. in Lulu.

Kirill Kozakov gradually left for cinema - he began acting in television plays. Of his works of this plan, it is worth highlighting the role of Faust in the television play "Goethe. Scenes from the tragedy "Faust", a servant from "Caesar and Cleopatra", Prince Cheremshanov from the play "And the light shines in the darkness", Bulatov from the film-play "A true artist, a true artist, a real killer."

But nevertheless, cinema brought him wide fame. It was in the films that he played his best roles, they began to recognize him, and most importantly for Kirill Kozakov himself, they stopped comparing him with the famous father.

The best film roles of actor Kirill Kozakov

Kirill Kozakov performed his first full-fledged film role in the film "Mikhailo Lomonosov" (1984) directed by Alexander Proshkin. It was a historical biography film. Kirill Kozakov was entrusted with the role of Emperor Peter II. It was small, but significant both for the plot and for the picture as a whole, and Kozakov Jr. did not disappoint the director, performed it vividly, the image of his hero was full of colors and feelings.

But the love of the audience and fame brought him another work. In 1997, the film The Countess de Monsoreau was released, where Kirill Kozakov played the role of François, Duke of Anjou.It was in this movie that the actor was able to show his talent in all its facets, to confirm that he is worthy of the name of his legendary father.


In the list of the best film roles of actor Kirill Kozakov, critics and viewers include such works as

  • Platon Zubov from Assa,
  • under investigation "Monk" from "Arbiter",
  • Jean from "My Frontier"
  • Walter Krivitsky from "The Charm of Evil",
  • Bakhti from the TV series “Carmelita. Gypsy passion "
  • Koltsov from "Russian Chocolate",
  • Bagration from the documentary picture "1812",
  • Felix from "The Fifth Guard" and others.

Like other actors, Kirill Kozakov had career ups and downs, when the roles were secondary or there were none at all. And the reason is not at all a lack of talent, but in the fact that not every image fits his appearance and manner of play.

Personal life of actor Kirill Kozakov

Cyril is not constant in his personal life either. He was married three times. His first wife was a friend of his youth, Julia. In marriage, a son, Anton, was born, but even this fact could not prevent a divorce. Currently, Anton Kozakov lives with his mother in America, the young man rarely, but regularly calls up with his father.

The second wife of Kirill Kozakov was actress Alena Yakovleva, the daughter of the legendary Yakovlev Yuri, known for such films as "The Hussar Ballad", "Ivan Vasilyevich Changes His Profession" and others.


In a marriage with Alena Yakovleva, Kirill Kozakov had a daughter, Masha. The couple broke up when she was only 4 months old. The divorce was accompanied by mutual reproaches and scandals, for some time Alena even limited her daughter's communication with her father. Fortunately, the relationship between her ex-husband and wife has improved, Kirill is raising an already sufficient adult daughter, helping her develop in the acting profession.

Now Kirill Kozakov is married again. The third wife of the actor was the daughter of the famous screenwriter Ryashentsev - Maria Shengelaya. Some time ago, false rumors spread in the press that the actor's third family was on the verge of divorce. Then Kirill openly stated that he would no longer discuss his personal life with journalists.

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