How To Make An Appointment By Phone

How To Make An Appointment By Phone
How To Make An Appointment By Phone

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Most people find the phone to be the fastest and most efficient way to make an appointment. However, this business has its pitfalls, especially when you seek a meeting with a person who is not interested in this meeting. This could be, for example, the head of a firm that you are considering as a client for your business or as a potential employer. In this case, the success of the negotiations will depend on how correctly you build the conversation with the interlocutor.

How to make an appointment by phone
How to make an appointment by phone


Step 1

Stock up on politeness and persistence, build a conversation according to the following scheme: Say hello. Try to immediately set a positive tone for the conversation. For this, psychologists advise to sit comfortably and, if there is such an opportunity, even lean back in a chair. In this position, you will draw more air into your lungs, and your voice will sound louder and more confident, rather than soft and strangled, as when you are sitting, leaning forward and stooping. Smile a little. You may be surprised to learn that the other person on the phone can “hear” your smile from the sound of your voice. Thus, from the very beginning, you position yourself as a positive and confident person.

Step 2

Introduce yourself. Pronounce your last name and first name clearly and distinctly. If you are not calling on your own, but as a representative of the employing company, indicate this.

Step 3

Concisely formulate the purpose of your call - to arrange a meeting on a specific occasion. Apply the choice-without-choice technique that many marketing companies use. Ask your interlocutor: "When is it more convenient for you to meet - tonight or tomorrow morning?" or "Could I drive up to you today before or after lunch?"

Step 4

In order to save his time, the interlocutor may try to provoke you into a telephone discussion of the essence of the issue on which you want to meet. Do not succumb to such a provocation, remember that it is much easier to refuse you by phone than in person. Answer the questions in a general way, your goal is to interest the interlocutor, but avoid discussing the details. For example, if you are a sales manager of an excavator plant, tell me that the plant you represent is doing good discounts this month, and you will tell in detail about the list of products for which discounts are set, terms and additional conditions when you meet. Do not forget to add every time that when you meet, give specific information, provide a detailed resume, showcase photographs or your work, etc. depending on the specifics of your offer.

Step 5

In agreement with the interlocutor, set the time and place of the meeting. If you are going to come to the organization, ask if you need a pass, and if so, who will issue one for you. If you have not seen the interlocutor before and make an appointment in a public place, ask how you recognize him, and also describe yourself.

Step 6

Say goodbye politely.

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