How To Get Unemployed On The Stock Exchange In

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How To Get Unemployed On The Stock Exchange In
How To Get Unemployed On The Stock Exchange In

Video: How To Get Unemployed On The Stock Exchange In

Video: How To Get Unemployed On The Stock Exchange In
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Recognition of a person as unemployed implies a number of benefits - qualified assistance in finding a job, payment of benefits, the possibility of retraining and starting a business. To get access to all this, you need to contact the Employment Center.

How to get unemployed on the stock exchange
How to get unemployed on the stock exchange

It is necessary

  • - passport;
  • - employment history;
  • - diploma or certificate;
  • - certificate of income for the last three months.


Step 1

Before going to an appointment, call the district office of the Employment Center at the place of registration. Experts are not interested in the actual address of residence - even if you live in a completely different area, you will have to come for consultations at the place of registration. Check the opening hours of the center by phone and find out when it is best to come in order to take the queue for the initial appointment. Do not postpone your visit to the stock exchange - you retain the right to the maximum allowance only for a year after your dismissal.

Step 2

Collect the required documents. You will need a passport, work book, educational diploma and a certificate of average salary for the last three months. The certificate is drawn up in the accounting department of your company, and in a certain form. For a certificate form, contact the Employment Center or download the required form on the Internet upon request. If you cannot provide a certificate of income for reasons beyond your control, you can do without it. You will not be denied registration, but unemployment benefits will be minimal.

If you have not worked for the last year or have not been employed at all, you will not need a certificate.

Step 3

With a full package of documents, come to the regional Employment Center, best of all, at its opening. The process of initial admission and registration of documents is quite lengthy. After waiting for your turn, show the documents to the employee. He will check their completeness and calculate the numbers indicated in your income statement. If any points raise doubts, you may be asked to redo it and come to the appointment a second time.

Step 4

If all documents are drawn up correctly, the employee will fill out an application for registration and appoint a date for secondary admission. You will be given the name and number of the Center specialist who will work with you and offer at least two suitable vacancies. If you have never worked, all jobs that match your educational level are considered eligible.

Step 5

Before the next appointment, you must accept one of the proposed vacancies or bring a written refusal from a potential employer (it is issued on the direction of the Center, which is given to you). Do not be late for an appointment with a specialist from the Center. Failure to appear is considered a gross violation and you may be denied registration.

Step 6

Arriving at the reception, present your passport, work record book, job referral (if it was issued to you). You will be given the official status of an unemployed person and will be offered to issue a savings book or a plastic card on which unemployment benefits will be accrued. During the year, your status will be maintained, subject to timely attendance at consultations and compliance with the rules established by the Employment Center.

If you are unable to find a job within a year, your unemployment status may be renewed.

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