The Youngest Mother In The World

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The Youngest Mother In The World
The Youngest Mother In The World

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According to the laws of biology, conception can occur only after menarche - the puberty of an individual's organism, which occurs in a person at least after 10 years. However, in nature, not everything is subject to science. The genetic characteristics of individual women make it possible to conceive and give birth to a child long before the first menstruation. The world knows dozens of cases when they became mothers quite still in childhood.

The youngest mother in the world
The youngest mother in the world

There are many stories about girls who became mothers in childhood. It is also worth considering that most of these incidents are carefully hidden in order to avoid censure and shame. Lina Medina is the youngest mother in the world, whose pregnancy is officially confirmed by medicine, entered into the Guinness Book of Records.

Lina is a girl who became a mother at the age of 5

On September 23, 1933 (the 27th is also called), a girl named Lina Vanessa Medina was born in the Huancavelica region of Peru, then no one knew that in 4 years she herself would become pregnant. When Lina was 5 years old, her parents, Ciburelo Medina and Victoria Lozea, took her to the hospital. They were worried about the strong enlargement of the abdominal cavity in their daughter.

Initially, doctors suggested that the girl had a tumor, but it was soon found out that she was not sick, but pregnant. A month and a half after contacting doctors, at the age of 5 years and 7 months, Lina Medina gave birth to a healthy boy weighing 2, 7 kg and a height of 47 cm, who was named Gerardo.

Medical facts about 5 year old mom

Viktora Lozeya - the mother of a 5-year-old mother, almost immediately after birth noticed the too rapid development of sexual characteristics in her daughter. According to her, Lina's first pubic hair appeared by the age of 3 months, at 8 months her first menstruation passed. At the age of 4, the girl's breasts began to develop. Having made a simple calculation, you can understand that it was at this time that the girl became pregnant.

When the local doctor Gerardo Lozada concluded that the girl was pregnant, he could not believe the obvious facts and sent Lina to the capital's doctors, who agreed with the diagnosis. Doctors confirmed all of Victoria's observations, in a report compiled on this case, it is written that at the age of 5 the girl's ovaries were like that of an adult woman, and an expansion of the pelvic bones was also noted. However, this did not contribute to natural childbirth, the boy was born by caesarean section.

There is a photo of 5-year-old Lina, which fully confirms the fact of pregnancy, it also shows a fully formed breast.

The life story of the youngest mother and her first child

Lina Medina never contacted journalists, who, by the way, were very annoying. She refuses to give any interviews, especially regarding her early pregnancy. Therefore, the public does not know under what circumstances Medina became pregnant and who can be called Father Gerardo.

According to one version, Lina became a victim of orgies, which are still common among the Peruvian Indians, especially in the village where the girl grew up.

It is known that for the first 10 years of his life, Gerardo considered Lina his sister and only at the age of 15 he was told who his mother really was. The young mother was greatly supported by the doctor who took the birth, Gerardo Lozada, in whose honor, by the way, the newborn was named. He helped not only Lina get education and work, but also her son.

Lin is married to Raul Gerado, and together they live in the poor area of ​​"Little Chicago". In 1972, a woman gave birth to the second child in her life - a boy. Her first-born Gerando, despite unusual circumstances, grew up a healthy man, but died early due to a bone marrow disease.

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