Etiquette: Rules Of Communication On A Mobile Phone

Etiquette: Rules Of Communication On A Mobile Phone
Etiquette: Rules Of Communication On A Mobile Phone

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If earlier, in order to make a phone call, it was necessary to have a stationary device at hand, now this problem has practically disappeared: a mobile phone, which almost everyone has, creates the illusion of accessibility of communication at any time, while sometimes the elementary framework of politeness and decency is forgotten …

Etiquette: rules of communication on a mobile phone
Etiquette: rules of communication on a mobile phone

"Mobile" rules of good form

A conversation on a mobile concerns only you and the interlocutor, therefore, before making a call, move away from other people at a distance of about five meters. If this is not possible, it is better to postpone the call until the situation is more favorable.

If they call you at a time when you are in a crowded place, on public transport, in a subway crossing, etc., it is better to take the call and promise the other person to call back later.

You should not talk loudly, especially if there are strangers next to you: as a rule, the quality of mobile communication allows you to hear the voice of the interlocutor, communicating in an undertone, and those around you will not feel inconvenience.

The optimal time for making business calls on weekdays is from 8 am to 10 pm. It is not recommended to call on business issues on Monday before 12 noon and on Friday after 1 pm, as well as during lunchtime, but this prohibition is not strict.

After dialing the number, wait for an answer within 5 rings. A longer call is considered impolite.

If your call remains unanswered, etiquette is allowed to call back no earlier than 2 hours later. Most likely, the called subscriber will notice the missed call and will call back himself.

SMS can be sent at any time of the day. It is assumed that the subscriber who received the SMS will determine the mode of their reception and the time when he will be able to read them and reply to messages.

During business negotiations, meetings, the mobile phone should be turned off. If you are waiting for an urgent call, put the device into silent mode, and before accepting the call, apologize to those present and leave the room for a conversation.

Traditionally, mobile phones are turned off during air travel, in hospitals, places of worship, theaters, and wherever there is a sign asking to do so.

Polite communication on mobile

After greeting the called subscriber, be sure to ask if it is convenient for him to talk at the moment. If not, ask when you can call again. If the interlocutor promises to call back on his own, do not insist on the opposite.

If the conversation is going to be a long one, warn the interlocutor about this and specify how much time he can devote to you.

It is considered polite to give the person you called first the right to hang up. You should not abruptly interrupt the conversation.

A business call on a mobile can last 3-7 minutes, a personal one - as long as both interlocutors want. But it is still not worthwhile to delay communication too much. If the speakers have a lot of questions that they would like to discuss, it is better to arrange a personal meeting or transfer the communication, for example, to Skype, if possible.

It is also considered impolite to be silent for a long time. If the interlocutor's speech is not interrupted for a long time by a pause, show that you are reacting to his words.

Too emotional communication on the phone is unacceptable! It is necessary to find out the relationship in person - this is what has always been called "non-telephone conversation."

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