Petrosyan Evgeny Vaganovich: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Petrosyan Evgeny Vaganovich: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Petrosyan Evgeny Vaganovich: Biography, Career, Personal Life

The legendary domestic comedian and TV presenter - People's Artist of the RSFSR Yevgeny Vaganovich Petrosyan - is known to the general public more for his programs "Full House", "Smehopanorama" and "Crooked Mirror". By the way, in 2009 there was a round table meeting with popular bloggers who made fun of the master of the humorous genre's manner of setting up halls. After that, almost everyone admitted that "Vaganych Petrosyan is amazing - not like the TV version of Petrosyan."

Smile for a billion
Smile for a billion

The idol of millions of fans throughout the post-Soviet space - Evgeny Petrosyan - is the owner of many professional awards and prizes. And special milestones in his artistic career are the title of Laureate of the Fourth All-Union Competition of Variety Artists (1970), graduation from GITIS as a stage director (1985), the title of Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1985), the title of People's Artist of the RSFSR (1991). And in 1995, Evgeny Vaganovich became a knight of the "Order of Honor" for services to the Fatherland in the field of art and culture.

It is interesting that the son, inherited from his father's surname, Petrosyants, later decided to change to a more euphonious version - Petrosyan.

Biography and career of Evgeny Vaganovich Petrosyan

On September 16, 1945, in sunny Baku, the future popular artist was born in a family far from the world of culture and art (father is a teacher, and mother is a housewife). From childhood, Eugene showed a special interest in acting. Therefore, his parents did not interfere with his participation in the work of the puppet and folk theaters, acting out scenes from operettas, reading feuilletons and acting as an entertainer.

In 1961, Eugene entered the All-Russian Creative Workshop of Variety Art in Moscow. A year later, he already successfully debuted on the professional stage. From 1964 to 1969, inclusive, Petrosyan was an entertainer in the State Orchestra of the RSFSR, and for the next twenty years he worked at the Mosconcert.

During this period, together with Pisarenko and Shimelov, he created his own project "Three went to the stage" (1973), and two years later the performances "How are you?", "Monologues", "We are all fools" were staged on the stage of the Moscow Variety Theater, "Family Joy", "When Finances Sing Romances" and others.

In 1979, Evgeny Vaganovich created the Petrosyan Variety Miniatures Theater, under which the Variety Humor Center was formed. This unique museum keeps among its exhibits magazines, photographs, posters, etc., which directly relate to the history of the stage of the XIX - XX centuries.

In 1988, the popular artist became artistic director of the Moscow Concert Ensemble of Variety Miniatures. During this period, he took an active part in the television programs "Full House" (1987-2000) and "Smehopanorama" (1994-2004).

The period 2003-2014 in Yevgeny Petrosyan's creative career was marked by the fact that he directed the humorous theater "Crooked Mirror", on the stage of which he often performed the main roles.

In recent years, Evgeny Vaganovich has been using new technologies in his work. So, for example, on Instagram he has more than fifty thousand subscribers.

Personal life of the artist

Behind the shoulders of the family life of the People's Artist of the RSFSR, there are four marriages and a daughter.

The first wife of Yevgeny Petrosyan was briefly the sister of Victorina Krieger (a famous ballerina), who gave birth to his daughter Victorina (1968). Youth and inexperience became the cause of discord, and then a break in relations.

Anna Kozlovskaya (daughter of the famous opera singer) became the artist's second wife for a year and a half.

The third marriage was concluded by him with Lyudmila, an art critic. The couple broke up due to the "excessive workload of the spouse."

The last time the comedian married a colleague in the creative department, Elena Stepanenko, with whom, until the summer of 2018, he was in a comfortable family and creative union. However, the scandal surrounding the divorce, accompanied by the division of property valued at one billion US dollars, became the subject of discussion throughout the country.

Fuel was added to the fire by the words of the artist's lawyer Sergei Zhonin, who told the press that the couple had not lived together for fifteen years. In addition, Yevgeny Petrosyan is credited with an affair with Tatyana Brukhunova (the artist's assistant), which allegedly gave rise to the story with the court and the division of property at the claim of Stepanenko, who expects to receive at least 80% of the total value of the subject of assessment.

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