Fichtner William: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Fichtner William: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Fichtner William: Biography, Career, Personal Life

Video: Fichtner William: Biography, Career, Personal Life

Video: Fichtner William: Biography, Career, Personal Life
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William Edward Fichtner is an American actor best known for Invasion, Escape, Equilibrium, Armageddon, The Lone Ranger, The Dark Knight, The Perfect Storm, Independence Day: Rebirth. For his role in the film "Crash", which received an Academy Award for the cast, Fichtner won the Screen Actors Guild Award.

William Fichtner
William Fichtner

Although in most of the films Fichtner starred in episodic roles, his appearance on the screen did not go unnoticed due to his unusual appearance, and the actor's always sad and slightly mysterious look literally attracts the attention of the audience. He dreamed of becoming a lawyer, but unexpectedly for everyone, he changed his mind and became an artist.

Childhood and adolescence

The boy was born in the fall of 1956 in the town of Chiktovaga. Their large family had four children: three daughters and their only son, William, who became everyone's favorite.

As a child, William did not differ in any talents, did not study music and did not participate in school theater productions. He dreamed of a prestigious legal profession and was preparing to continue his education at the law faculty of one of the universities in America.

So it happened that after graduating from high school, the young man entered Farmingdale College, where he received a degree in criminal law. He later returned to the same college in order to defend his doctoral dissertation and receive a doctorate in humanities.

His fate changed dramatically after 20 years. Unexpectedly for everyone, William decides to enter the Academy of Dramatic Arts in order to continue his career, but already in the theatrical field. What prompted him to such an unusual decision, no one knows, but, starting his creative biography, Fichtner did not lose and eventually became one of the famous and popular movie actors, devoting his entire future life to creativity.

Film career

After graduating from the academy, Fichtner first performed on Broadway, and only a few years later he was invited to shoot the series How the World Turns, and then to the drama Grace on Fire.

The actor got into the first full-length film only in 1992. It was the painting "Malcolm X", where D. Washington played the main role. For the audience, Fichtner's appearance on the screens went unnoticed, because he received only a cameo role as a policeman.

The next work in the cinema also did not become something outstanding. He played in the drama "TV Show", and only at the age of forty he first got a significant role in the film "Fight" with Al Pacino and Robert De Niro in the lead roles. The actor began to be recognized, but he never made it to his main roles during this period, although the list of his acting works is quite impressive. He has appeared in the films: "Armageddon", "Contact", "Ecstasy", "Pearl Harbor", "Black Hawk Down".

Fichtner played one of the central roles in 2000 in The Perfect Storm, and then starred in the Oscar-winning film Collision. The entire cast, including William Fichtner, was honored with a Screen Actors Guild Award.

One of his great films was the portrayal of the villainous Butch Quendishi in The Lone Ranger Western, released in 2013. The picture itself was poorly received by critics, but reviews of Fichtner's character were only positive.

In 2016, the actor appeared in the long-awaited sequel to the fantastic action movie "Independence Day: Rebirth", where he played the role of General Adams.

Personal life

The actor was married twice. The first wife was the actress Betsy Aydem, whose marriage lasted several years and broke up in 1996. In this union, a boy was born, who was named Sam.

The second wife is actress Kimberly Kalil. The couple formalized their relationship in 1998. For the sake of her family, Kimberly left her film career and soon took up the upbringing of her son, Wangel.

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