What The Series "Sunstroke" Is About

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What The Series "Sunstroke" Is About
What The Series "Sunstroke" Is About

At a briefing before the 35th Moscow International Film Festival, its permanent president Nikita Mikhalkov spoke. He shared his immediate creative plans and, in particular, talked about the fact that he is currently planning to edit a television series based on his feature film "Sunstroke". According to the director, the TV version will consist of four episodes.

What the series "Sunstroke" is about
What the series "Sunstroke" is about

Prehistory of the film and TV series "Sunstroke"

The film "Sunstroke" is based on the story of the same name by Ivan Bunin and his diary story-records "Cursed Days". Filming began only last year, although Nikita Mikhalkov was going to turn to Bunin's work back in the 1980s. The premiere screening of the film will take place in September this year at the international film festival in Vladivostok.

The film is also slated for wide distribution in the fall of this year.

To make the film as close as possible to Russian life and original, the director attracted young and not very famous actors to take part in the filming of the film. The roles are played by the Latvian actor Martins Kalita, who plays the Lieutenant, and Victoria Solovieva as the Stranger, who is a student at one of the theatrical universities in Moscow. These are the first roles of actors in a big movie.

The storyline of the series "Sunstroke"

"Sunstroke" tells the story of the love of two people who met by chance on a ship sailing along the Volga. The plot of the story is supplemented with elements from the documentary book-diary "Cursed Days", which tells about the revolutionary era. The views of the writer are reflected in the works written by him in exile.

The story was published in 1935, in the USSR the work was published only with the advent of perestroika.

So what is the plot of the piece? This is the love story of a lieutenant and a stranger who struck them down like a sunstroke. This is a story about a fleeting passion, about a stormy, but brief passion and bitterness from parting. The heroes get to know each other on a motor ship, go ashore in a small district town, in whose hotel they spend one single night together. In the morning the woman leaves - her husband and three-year-old daughter are waiting for her at home. And the lieutenant, waiting for the evening ship, spends a day full of loneliness and bitterness in this small Russian town. But even years later, he cannot erase from his memory a fleeting love adventure that so shocked him and sunk deep into his soul …

But don't retell the whole story. Let the intrigue remain, which will motivate you to watch this wonderful film and series, which is guaranteed to impress and impress you.

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