How To Write A Collective Letter

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How To Write A Collective Letter
How To Write A Collective Letter

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Usually, collective letters are written to higher authorities to solve a problem involving several people. The letter should be written by one person, but on behalf of all interested people, who must sign at the end of the collective letter.

How to write a collective letter
How to write a collective letter


Step 1

Take a sheet of A4 format, write the addressee in the upper right corner - to whom you are sending your collective request (complaint, proposal), indicate his full name and position, for example: "To the head of the district council, II Ivanov." Then, in two indentations below, write in the center the address: "Dear Ivan Ivanovich!" One more indent below, with the red line, you should already start your narration, always with the pronoun "we". Let's say: "We, residents of house No. 27 (58 people) on Koshtoyants Street, ask you to solve the following problem."

Step 2

Next, you put a colon, and from the red line you begin to explain the essence of the problem that haunts you. Try to use a business-like style of speech without resorting to slang and jargon. Be sure to agree on the content of the letter with all people who have agreed to their signature. Consider their wishes, present the problem objectively. Check the letter for grammatical errors, otherwise you run the risk of sounding uneducated to the higher authorities. Once you have finished describing your problem situation, mark in the letter from where you would like to know about the answer. Perhaps it will be more convenient for you to read the answer on the official website of the local administration of the district or in the municipal newspaper, or hear the answer at a personal meeting.

Step 3

After that, in block letters, write your people in solidarity with you, and, on the contrary, they should put their signatures in the column. The number of paintings should be equal to the number you wrote above.

Step 4

If you want to receive a reply in the form of a return letter, you must indicate in detail your postal address, with a zip code. Try to keep your round-robin letter on one sheet. If you write on behalf of dozens of people, then you can attach their signatures to the letter as an attachment.

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