How To Find Out The Author Of A Painting

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How To Find Out The Author Of A Painting
How To Find Out The Author Of A Painting

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If you own a painting but don't know the name of the artist, or you just like a reproduction and want to find out more about it, you can do it in several ways.

How to find out the author of a painting
How to find out the author of a painting


Step 1

If you have a real painting at your disposal, and you would like to know the author and the cost, it makes sense to contact professional artists. This can be done using the site This page will help you evaluate the work of art you have, if you provide the most complete information about it, namely: the origin of the painting, the approximate time of creation, size (vertically and horizontally), material and technique image (for example, canvas, paper, cardboard, watercolor, pencil, oil, etc.). Attach a good photo to the description. The image will be roughly evaluated by experts and you will be told if it has any artistic value

Step 2

If you only have a reproduction, or you are simply interested in some image, then refer to the resources of the page Load the desired image on this site, and all pages containing such a picture will open in front of you. It is very likely that this will be an artist's site or some kind of gallery where you can easily find out the author's name

Step 3

Study the image carefully. Check if the painting has signatures, dates, or any other marks. If you are not good at painting, it makes sense to ask the teachers of your local art school or museum staff. They are more likely to come across works of art and in style, by the manner of drawing they will be able to determine at least the approximate time of creation. If you assume that the painting was bought from a local artist, then in the local history museum or in the city art gallery, most likely, they know him and his manner of painting. This means that you will determine the value of your treasure in a short time.

Step 4

In the event that the painting looks old enough, but is well preserved, be careful. If the first art critic says that the painting is worthless and immediately offers you to sell it for a ridiculous price, it makes sense to find out more about the canvas by visiting other connoisseurs of works of art. Perhaps you have in your hands a little-known masterpiece that costs a lot of money. Especially you should not rush to the sale if the painting has inherited you and, perhaps, is a family property.

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