When The State Of Israel Was Founded

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When The State Of Israel Was Founded
When The State Of Israel Was Founded

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The modern history of the State of Israel began relatively recently, but this country has a long history and a difficult fate. The restoration of Israel was a big step forward for the world community to meet the Jewish people.

When the state of Israel was founded
When the state of Israel was founded

Ancient history of Israel

The first kingdom of Israel appeared in the Eastern Mediterranean in the 10th century. BC. However, this country did not last long as an independent. From the 7th century, it was under the control of various conquerors until it was captured by the Roman Empire in 63 BC. This territory has always given the Romans a lot of problems, including because of the Jewish religion: the canons of Judaism forbade the worship of the Roman emperor as a deity, which was a prerequisite for the loyalty of local authorities in the eyes of Rome.

In 135 A.D. an unsuccessful uprising against the Romans took place on the territory of the Israeli province. These unrest had a serious impact on the fate of the Jewish people. By the decision of the emperor, as punishment, the Jews were evicted from the territory of their province, and other peoples occupied it. This marked the beginning of the emergence of Jewish communities throughout the Roman Empire and beyond.

Over time, Jewish communities appeared on the Slavic lands.

The emergence of the modern Israeli state

At the end of the XIX century. among the Jews, a desire arose to return to the historical lands of Israel. The first settlers went to Palestine after 1881, another wave came in the period before the First World War. Jews created settlements in the territories belonging to the Ottoman Empire, and for the time being did not claim independence.

The bulk of Jews moved to Palestine for religious reasons, but there were those who planned to build socialist communes on the territory of the country.

After the First World War, Palestine became a British Mandate. The resettlement of Jews to these lands continued, but it caused discontent among the Arab population. Britain introduced entry quotas for foreign Jews, but they were not always respected. The most acute situation developed in the late thirties, when a large influx of Jews from Germany triggered an uprising of Palestinian Arabs. As a result, Great Britain has banned Jewish migration to its controlled territories since 1939.

After the Second World War, the problem of creating a Jewish state became truly urgent. Since 1947, Great Britain has relinquished control of Palestine. The USA and the USSR came to an agreement on the Palestinian issue - it was decided to divide the land between Jews and Arabs. Thus, the date of the founding of Israel can be considered May 14, 1948, when David Ben-Gurion proclaimed the creation of an independent Jewish state. However, diplomats from other countries failed to translate the dialogue between Arabs and Jews into a peaceful channel. Soon after the declaration of Israel's independence, several Arab states began a military conflict with it. Nevertheless, gradually Israel was recognized by almost all countries of the world.

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