Saiko Natalya Petrovna: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Saiko Natalya Petrovna: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Saiko Natalya Petrovna: Biography, Career, Personal Life

Video: Saiko Natalya Petrovna: Biography, Career, Personal Life

Video: Saiko Natalya Petrovna: Biography, Career, Personal Life
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In the distant 70s, Soviet viewers noticed the heroine of the film about Pavka Korchagin - the fragile girl Tonya, who became the first love of the famous movie hero of the Civil War. The director entrusted this role to play Natalia Saiko. By that time, Natalia already had experience of creative work. A bright period in Saiko's career ended after perestroika.

Natalia Petrovna Sayko
Natalia Petrovna Sayko

Natalia Saiko: facts from the biography

The future actress was born on January 12, 1948 in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. The first years of her life passed here. At first, Natasha thought about a career as a teacher. Then she wanted to become a doctor. But soon she made serious adjustments to her plans: she decided to go to ballet. However, the fate of the girl was decided differently. Once, during a tour to the banks of the Neva, a schoolgirl found herself in the BDT. The performance amended her dreams: the girl firmly decided to link her fate with the stage.

Saiko received her education in the famous "Pike", from the walls of which she left in 1970. And then she was accepted into the friendly team of the Taganka Theater. In her first creative decade, the actress acted a lot and successfully in films.

Stages of N. Saiko's career

On the screen of the cinema Natalya Petrovna, viewers could see when the girl was still a student. Natasha got the role of Aniskin's daughter in the film project "Village Detective". Natalia closely followed the acting work of more experienced filming partners - Tatiana Peltzer and Mikhail Zharov, comprehending the basics of the profession.

Natalya got to the Taganka Theater on occasion - her friend was going there to audition. It was he who asked Saiko to keep him company. The girl did not prepare thoroughly for the audition and was in no hurry to tune in to the exam. The directors liked the calmness and confidence of the actress, her inner relaxedness. So the actress found a team with which she tied her creative destiny - she no longer worked in any of the other theaters.

The actress remembered for a long time the most beloved image on which she had a chance to work with zeal in the theater - the role of Ophelia. In that production, she played with V. Vysotsky himself. It was impossible to forget his virtuoso playing.

The debut provided N. Saiko with invitations to film roles. Bottom line: already in the first year of her professional career, Natalya starred in the film projects "Explosion of Slow Action" and "My Street". The last of the paintings brought Natalia recognition at the Prague Festival.

The viewer also remembered Tonya Tumanova in the film story "How the Steel Was Tempered" based on the famous novel. N. Ostrovsky. The heroic script ensured the success of both the project and the actors involved in the filming. The actress managed to convey not only the fragility of her heroine, but also her inherent inner strength.

In the film "I Am an Actress", Saiko performed the role of the genius Vera Komissarzhevskaya with great skill. Then there was a role in the tape about the head of Professor Dowell based on the immortal novel by Belyaev.

After the collapse of the Land of the Soviets, Saiko's career is in decline. With the beginning of the turbulent 90s, Natalya Petrovna starred in only one film project - "Wild Love" (1993). Soon the actress left the stage.

Natalia never tried to advertise her personal life. It is known that N. Saiko has a husband. But the couple have no children. The journalists were not able to establish the details: Saiko avoids contact with the press.

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