Telegin Valentina Petrovna: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Telegin Valentina Petrovna: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Telegin Valentina Petrovna: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Valentina Telegina is a Soviet actress of extraordinary appearance who can hardly be called a beauty. Nevertheless, the artist's irrepressible temperament brought her fame among Russian audiences. Despite this, the career and personal life of the actress was difficult.

Telegin Valentina Petrovna: biography, career, personal life
Telegin Valentina Petrovna: biography, career, personal life

Childhood and youth

Valentina Telegin was born in 1915 in Novocherkassk. Cossack blood flowed in the girl's veins, hence her indomitable temperament and violent disposition. The teacher of the theatrical circle, which Valya attended during her school years, advised the girl to use her data to master the acting profession. And Valya followed his advice.


After leaving school, Valentina went to Leningrad and entered the Leningrad Institute of Performing Arts. The girl really liked her studies, she literally burned on the stage. Teachers and students highly respected Valentina Telegin, she was considered the best student on the course.


During her creative life, Valentina Telegin changed several theaters, and played everywhere with success. The time was turbulent, and besides, the war began.

During the hostilities, Valentina Petrovna worked a lot on the front line and did not want to leave there, yielding places in the cars to those who needed it more. It was on such women as Valentina Telegin that our country was held in difficult times of war.

Well, after the end of hostilities, Valentina successfully returned to the profession. Her roles in cinema and theater were often small, but in depth they were not inferior to the main roles. Especially Telegina succeeded in the images of strong women who did not give up in the face of the difficulties of life.

However, thanks to her characteristic appearance, Valentina Petrovna often had to play villains. Her most famous role in this role is Alevtina, a medicine woman from the movie "It Was in Penkovo".

Personal life

Valentina Petrovna was not a beauty. But the violent temperament of a girl and then a woman has always attracted men. However, no one wanted to become the husband of the actress, and Valentina carried the pain associated with this circumstance through her whole life.

From one of her fans, the actress once became pregnant and decided to give birth to a long-awaited child. A daughter was born, who was named Nadezhda.

Valentina tried her best to become a good mother, but the circumstances of her life did not allow her to. Raising a child alone is never easy, especially when the mother is an actress.

Gradually growing up, the daughter began to move away from her mother, she had her own companies, where drinking and obscene conversations often appeared. The actress rather harshly expressed her dissatisfaction with her daughter's behavior, which caused a long conflict.

Only towards the end of Valentina Petrovna's life did the mother and daughter reconcile. Valentina Telegin met death happy in the arms of her beloved daughter, for whom she lived.

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