Mikhail Atamanov: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life

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Mikhail Atamanov: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life
Mikhail Atamanov: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life

Video: Mikhail Atamanov: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life

Video: Mikhail Atamanov: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life
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Mikhail Atamanov is an emerging Russian science fiction writer working in several unique subgenres. The readers especially remembered the series of works "Distorting Reality", "Gray Crow", "Perimeter Defense" and others.

Mikhail Atamanov: biography, creativity, career, personal life
Mikhail Atamanov: biography, creativity, career, personal life


Mikhail Aleksandrovich Atamanov was born in 1975 in Grozny, but by now he has moved to the resort town of Mineralnye Vody. Studying at school was given to him quite easily, and he graduated from the institution with a gold medal. In the future, he also entered the Moscow State University. Lomonosov, where he studied at the Faculty of Materials Science, successfully receiving a diploma in 1996.

The so-called "first Chechen campaign" fell on the university years of the future writer: a civil war, which was difficult for the whole country, began in the republic, and Mikhail's home was completely destroyed, which made him unable to return to his native land. The Russian capital was also going through the turbulent 90s hard, and the young man immediately found himself among the unemployed and hardly aware of their prospects.

In Moscow, Mikhail Atamanov had to earn extra money as a loader in warehouses, a decorator in cultural institutions, a junior employee in chemical laboratories and a system administrator. But most of all, the young man liked to work in the humanities: he was happy to help students with exams, performed translations, wrote scientific articles, etc. Gradually, hobbies grew into a stable income: Atamanov's texts were in demand among scientific journals, Internet sites, advertising agencies and other organizations.

The beginning of the creative path

In his postgraduate years, Mikhail hatched various author's ideas in his head, until one day, finally, he decided to start writing his own literary works. At first, these were short stories and tales for different ages. According to the author, there were never any problems with inspiration: the fascination with science fiction was so great that he worked “in one breath”.


At the same time, the writer tried to introduce various innovations into the genre. In particular, he experimented with the increasingly popular "Lit-RPG" lean - transferring into literary texts various features inherent in computer and card games in the corresponding RPG genre. In addition, Mikhail was fond of the so-called "cosmooper". For several years, a decent amount of work has accumulated on the computer, and in 2014 Atamanov decided to publish one of them on the network - the first book from the series "Gray Crow".

The experience turned out to be very successful: readers warmly accepted the work and began to ask Atamanov to release a sequel. The writer was not long in coming: the following books had already been written, and all that remained was to consistently publish them on the network. Fans liked the unusual plot and presentation of the author: the books were dedicated to several contemporary heroes who were magically transported to a world inhabited not only by people, but also by fantastic creatures. At the same time, Mikhail skillfully combined classical developments from the works of other authors with his own style of presentation.

Continuing a writing career

In 2016, Mikhail Atamanov's long-term efforts were finally rewarded financially: thanks to the growing popularity of the writer, two respected publishing houses "AST" and "E" decided to officially release seven of his books at once. They include already known works from the series "Gray Crow", including:

  • Breakthrough to Pangea;
  • "The Road to Chivalry";
  • "The Caster".

Also, new books from the space cycle "Perimeter Defense" were published as part of the "Cosmos Online" series:

  • "Eighth sector";
  • "Through death";
  • "Second contact";
  • "A game without rules."

A little later, above is the novel "The Dark Herbalist", which decided to start a series under the catchy title "LitRPG". This made it possible to introduce the new genre to even more fiction readers.

After some time, Mikhail Atamanov released a new cycle of books entitled "Distorting Reality", which was once again united by the transfer to the pages of works of some semblance of a computer game. The publication was taken up by the 1C-Publishing company, which also released the cycle in the form of an audio book. By this time, all of the writer's previous works were declared bestsellers. The new books have once again demonstrated some of the best sales figures in 2018, including in digital format. The author himself is not going to stop there. According to him, there are still many ideas that must necessarily grow into full-fledged works.


Personal life

Given the not so long stay of Mikhail Atamanov in the literary world, not so many details are known about his personal life. All available information is published on his personal page on the VKontakte social network and on his profile on the literary website litnet.com. From the available data, it follows that Mikhail is married, has a son and daughter. He is fond of everything related to the world of fantasy and RPG, and also loves extreme sports.

Atamanov is happy to communicate with his fans: anyone can send him a message via a social network or via the Skype messenger. Admirers of the science fiction talent have the most direct impact on his work: he always listens to the advice and recommendations of people, because, in his opinion, this is what helps in writing really interesting books. In addition, many of the works remain freely available on the Internet at the personal insistence of the writer, which also commands respect among fans.