Who Is Alexei Tolstoy Leo Tolstoy

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Who Is Alexei Tolstoy Leo Tolstoy
Who Is Alexei Tolstoy Leo Tolstoy

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Many people know such talented writers as Lev Nikolaevich, Alexey Nikolaevich and Alexey Konstantinovich Tolstoy. Some wonder who they are after all. Often their relationship is questionable.

Who is Alexei Tolstoy Leo Tolstoy
Who is Alexei Tolstoy Leo Tolstoy

Upon closer examination of the Tolstoy family, one can notice that the writers Leo and the two Alekseevs have family ties. They all descended from the Tolstoy noble family, whose roots begin in Germany. In the middle of the 14th century, their ancestor Indris left this country and was baptized in Chernigov.

Tolstoy pedigree

The clan of the Tolstoy family itself begins with his great-grandson, whose name was Andrei Kharitonovich. After living in Chernigov, he settled in Moscow. His first descendants were military personnel, which was a kind of tradition. However, in subsequent generations, state political and great literary figures began to appear in the Tolstoy family.


The closest ancestors of Lev and Alexei Nikolaevich and Alexei Konstantinovich are Pyotr Andreevich Tolstoy. He had two sons. One of them could not have children, and the second became the father of several sons, among whom Ilya and Andrei should be distinguished. It was they who gave birth to the closest relatives of these three great writers.

Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy was born in 1828 in the Tula province. His father was Nikolai Ilyich Tolstoy, who was the son of Ilya Andreevich.

The branch of Ilya Tolstoy is famous for the appearance of Lev Nikolaevich and Alexei Konstantinovich. They are second cousins ​​to each other. Alexey Nikolaevich appeared after several generations. Judging by kinship, for Lev Nikolaevich he is a grand-nephew in the fourth generation. The relationship, of course, is very distant, but nevertheless it indicates that they have common roots and can be considered their relatives, and not just namesakes.

Alexey Nikolaevich Tolstoy was born in 1883. The place of his birth was the city of Nikolaevsk. His father is Count Nikolai Alexandrovich Tolstoy.

Many biographers are engaged in the study of the Tolstoy family, and quite detailed genealogical trees have already been compiled. All of them confirm the fact that in this family there are three famous writers who appeared in different periods of time. The oldest of these writers is Alexei Konstantinovich. He was born in 1817 in the city of St. Petersburg. His father was Konstantin Petrovich Tolstoy, who is the brother of the famous artist F.P. Tolstoy.

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