When To Call Emergency Services

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When To Call Emergency Services
When To Call Emergency Services

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It often happens that people underestimate the seriousness of the events taking place. Sometimes this leads to serious or even irreparable consequences. You can avoid this by simply calling emergency services on time.

When to call emergency services
When to call emergency services

People working in the ambulance, in the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the police, the Gorgaz and other budgetary organizations designed to ensure safety and prevent emergencies, have repeatedly stated that if residents had applied earlier, everything could have ended better. Excessive vigilance can save lives, but excessive carelessness will never do this.

When and whom to call

Firefighters should be called when wiring or any other fire occurs in an apartment or house. If you see smoke or other signs of fire from the street, do not hesitate and do not hesitate - call immediately. For a false call, you will not get anything, and you may save someone's life. You should not rush to extinguish everything on your own, more than one thousand of such craftsmen are simply crazy from the smoke, overestimating their strengths.

The police should be called upon seeing a fight, weapons in the hands of a person who is unfriendly towards anyone. Human emotions as an element - it is unclear what will happen in the next second. Often everything happens in a state of passion, when a person is not fully aware of what he is doing.

An ambulance can be called even at high temperatures, not to mention serious cuts, burns, frostbite and other cases. It is not a fact that you will not be able to provide even proper first aid, not to mention qualified, but to seem to a specialist in difficult situations is sometimes simply vital.

How to make a call

Calls to any service can be made on the general phone - 01 or from a mobile phone - 112. If, due to the situation that has arisen, you can also get hurt, it is better to do everything possible, and then leave the potentially dangerous territory and wait for the arrival of reinforcements from specialists in the shelter.

You should always try to correctly assess what is happening. The correct knowledge and study of the minimum school life course will give real help if you find yourself in an emergency.

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