How To Get A Civil Passport

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How To Get A Civil Passport
How To Get A Civil Passport

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Video: How To Get A Civil Passport
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A citizen's passport is the main state document that certifies the identity and citizenship of a person. The passport is made in the form of a booklet and contains identification information about the owner: his name, surname, patronymic, date of birth, photo, gender, place of birth and citizenship (name of the country that issued the passport). To cross the state border, you must have a passport, which confirms your identity.

How to get a civil passport
How to get a civil passport


Step 1

Contact the Federal Migration Service of Russia or the Embassy or Consulate General of the Russian Federation if you are outside of Russia.

Step 2

Upon reaching the age of 14, apply to the Federal Migration Service of Russia to obtain an internal passport. Write a statement of the established form (the application form will be in the FMS). The application is filled in typewritten or manually. If suddenly a person is not able to write a statement on his own, then an employee of the migration service must do it for him. The application should be accompanied by:

- birth certificate, if you did not find it, then any other document proving your identity;

- two photographs measuring 35x45 mm;

- a document that certifies your belonging to the citizenship of the Russian Federation;

- a receipt for payment of the state duty.

Step 3

Replace your passport when you are 20 or 45 years old. This requires:

- write a statement to the Federal Migration Service;

- passport to be replaced;

- two photographs measuring 35x45 mm.

Step 4

Also, be sure to replace your passport under the following circumstances:

- change of name, surname, patronymic, date or place of birth;

- when changing sex;

- the passport is no longer usable due to severe wear or was damaged;

- other valid reasons, which include, for example, loss of a document or its theft.

Also, when submitting an application, you should have with you the documents certifying the reason for replacing the passport.

Step 5

Obtain a temporary ID that is issued prior to receiving your passport.

Step 6

To receive a passport, wait no more than 10 days when making an application at the place of registration. Or 2 months if you get your passport at any other department of the FMS. It should be noted that obtaining a passport is a paid service. The cost depends on the place and timing of its registration.