What People Changed The Course Of History

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What People Changed The Course Of History
What People Changed The Course Of History

Video: What People Changed The Course Of History

Video: What People Changed The Course Of History
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Julius Caesar, Napoleon, Peter I, Christopher Columbus, Yuri Gagarin, Karl Marx are personalities who have left an indelible mark on history, choosing for themselves a variety of fields. No matter how humanity treats these historical figures, their life path, deeds and mistakes can teach a lot.

Peter I
Peter I

The history of mankind knows many names of those who by their actions changed the fate of the world. Many people think that only rulers and statesmen can influence the course of historical development, but this is far from the case.

Powers that be

Julius Caesar is a famous ancient Roman statesman, dictator. Caesar became famous as one of the greatest military leaders. He not only significantly expanded the territory of the Roman state, laying the foundation of an empire - a new page in the history of Rome, but, in fact, redrawn the political map of Europe. In addition, being a talented writer, he made an enormous contribution to the development of European culture.

The greatness of Caesar in the eyes of descendants is evidenced by the fact that the subsequent emperors of Rome took his name as a designation of their title. It also became a household name for the rulers of other states and eras (king, kaiser).

Genghis Khan is the legendary conqueror and founder of the Mongol Empire. Destroying a number of once powerful ancient states, he created the largest empire in the history of mankind. It consisted of gigantic territories - from the Danube River to the Sea of Japan and from the North-West of Russia to Southeast Asia. Genghis Khan was not only an outstanding conqueror, but also a wise politician who established a well-functioning state system. For the peoples of Asia, he is not just the main character, but almost a sacred personality.

Napoleon is a great commander and statesman, the founder of the modern French state. He fought a series of victorious wars that turned France into the main European power. Its meteoric rise and subsequent fall amazed the minds of contemporaries. Napoleon changed the idea of the role of personality in history, becoming for some a symbol of courage and amazing human capabilities, and for others an example of a power-hungry person who is ready to destroy himself in the name of glory.

Peter I is the Russian emperor, statesman and reformer. Everything new was associated with the name of Peter in his era: a new dynasty, a new form of political structure, a new capital, a new army, a new culture. His large-scale reforms have changed all spheres of life in Russian society. In addition, Peter expanded the territory of Russia and, thanks to the victorious war with Sweden, gained access to the Baltic Sea. Historians have diametrically opposed views on this outstanding personality, but no one doubts that Peter's activities brought Russia to a completely different level of civilizational development, placing it on a par with the leading European powers.


Jesus Christ is the founder of one of the three world religions, which is professed by more than a third of the world's population. According to the Christian doctrine, Jesus is the Son of God and the Savior of the world, who, with his atoning sacrifice and subsequent resurrection from the dead, reconciled people with God and opened the way for them to the Kingdom of Heaven. Even those who do not recognize Christ as Lord do not deny the fact that this real person changed the world with his dedication and love. The life story and teachings of Christ have become a source of inspiration for millions of people, among whom were many cultural and artistic figures.

According to the number of mentions of the name in literature, Christ is the most popular person on earth.

From the date of his birth, a new era began in the history of mankind.

Christopher Columbus is a legendary navigator, the world's most famous traveler. Columbus was the first to cross the Atlantic Ocean and, as is commonly believed, discovered two continents - North and South America. Thanks to his voyages, Europe got acquainted with a hitherto unknown world and entered a new era - the time of colonial expansion. And although many scientists believe that Columbus was not the discoverer of America, his voyages, of course, were of great historical importance. At the same time, the personality of Columbus himself, despite the general fame and many scientific works devoted to him, still remains shrouded in secrets.

Karl Marx is a German philosopher, revolutionary, the world's most famous economist and sociologist. The founder of historical materialism and the theory of class struggle. The ideological inspirer of the communist movement and socialist revolutions. The creator of the philosophical, political and economic doctrine, which in many respects changed the fate of the world. At the end of the last century, almost half of the world's population lived in countries with so-called Marxist regimes. Karl Marx became a man whose fanatical love and fierce hatred for his ideas continue to this day.

Gagarin is a Soviet cosmonaut who was the first in the history of mankind to fly into outer space. People may not know, for example, who invented the wheel or who invented the bicycle. But the name of the first man in space is on everyone's lips. He became the one who was personally convinced that the Earth is round. At one time, Gagarin's flight was the main news in the world, and Yuri Alekseevich himself turned into one of the most famous people. According to polls, for Russians, Gagarin is the favorite hero of the last century. Thanks to him, the most incredible dream of mankind - a flight into space - has come true.

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