When The Group "Hands Up" Was Famous

When The Group "Hands Up" Was Famous
When The Group "Hands Up" Was Famous

"Hands up!" is a Russian pop music group. Its creators and participants are Sergey Zhukov and Alexey Potekhin. In the late 90s and early 2000s, the group had a stunning success. Songs "Hands up!" sounded almost from every window and occupied the top lines of many charts.

When the group was famous
When the group was famous


Step 1

Sergey Zhukov and Alexey Potekhin met in the early 90s in the city of Samara on the radio, where they worked together. They created a group, at that time it was called "Uncle Ray and Company", recorded several songs, gave concerts in Samara and Togliatti. Having achieved success in the provinces, the guys went to conquer Moscow.

Step 2

Here the guys met producer Andrey Malikov, who helped the creative team to break through to the big stage. At this time, Sergei and Alexei decided to change the old name to the invocative "Hands up!" Today's teenagers may not understand the meaning of the name, but the teenagers of the 90s understand it very clearly. After all, this is practically the motto of the incendiary discos of the late twentieth century, when everyone danced, jumped, shouted and raised their hands up.

Step 3

The first hits of the group "Hands up!" - "Kid" and "Student" sounded on the air of radio stations in 1996. A year later, clips were shot on them, which were often broadcast by many TV channels. The songs quickly gained popularity and became the favorite disco hits of the time. Following the first songs, the creative team released an album - "Breathe evenly".

Step 4

After that, concerts and tours began. The guys traveled all over Russia, near and some foreign countries. Everywhere they were greeted by enthusiastic admirers. Fans fell in love with the cute and sweet-voiced lead singer of the group, Sergei Zhukov. Tickets for concerts were sold out long before the arrival of the group, the performances of the artists were sold out.

Step 5

In 2006, the group disbanded, and each of the members went their own way. Alexei began to produce young performers, Sergei took up a solo career, but in his work he continued to use the name of the group. In parallel with music, the artist runs a business - he opens bars called Hands Up! in different cities of Russia.

Step 6

During the existence of the "Hands up!" released 14 official and 12 unofficial albums. Almost every new song of the group became a hit. "My baby", "He kisses you", "Ataman", "I'm 18 already", "Alyoshka", "Territory", "Tears are Dripping" - this is not a complete list of tracks that fans of "Hands Up" still know by heart ! ".

Step 7

The guys have repeatedly become prize-winners and laureates of prestigious music festivals, charts and awards. For example, such as "Album of the Year", "Golden Gramophone", "Song of the Year", "Russian Radio Hit" and many others.

Step 8

In 2014, Hands Up! will celebrate their majority. It is worth noting that the group's popularity has not diminished much over 18 years. On the contrary, the work of the group is gaining more and more new fans.

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