The Most Interesting Disaster Films

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The Most Interesting Disaster Films
The Most Interesting Disaster Films
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The best disaster films belong to the post-apocalyptic genre. The heroes of such pictures act in conditions when a global disaster is about to occur or has already occurred on Earth - catastrophic climate changes, an invasion of aliens, etc. Some of the best films in this genre are The Day After Tomorrow, Through the Snow and After Our Era.

The most interesting disaster films
The most interesting disaster films


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"Through the Snow" is a film by Korean director Pong Joon Ho. The film is set in 2014. According to the plot of the film, scientists are trying to combat global warming on the planet using a special chemical that is sprayed into the atmosphere. But scientists are failing - the chemical triggers an irreversible process that leads to the onset of the Ice Age. The ground is covered with ice and snow. To "escape" from the coming winter, the railway tycoon launches a passenger train on the round-the-world railway, in which several hundred people travel. The rich and the poor gathered here, dividing into classes, just like in real life. Clashes break out between socially stratified groups of people. The leader of one of the uprisings named Curtis is trying to free his fellows from the prison compartment and get to the train engine and the head carriage, in which the same railroad tycoon named Wilford rides. Upon meeting, Wilford tells Curtis that the uprisings were all planned to reduce the number of passengers on the train.

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After Our Era is a post-apocalyptic disaster film by the American director M. Knight Shyamalan, released in 2013. Will Smith and his son Jaden play the main roles in the film. According to the plot of the film, on our planet, long abandoned by mankind, a spaceship with a father and son on board crashes. Will and Jaden's heroes find themselves in a world overrun by predators and wild monkeys. To signal for help, they need to get to the wreckage of the ship, which fell hundreds of kilometers from the landing site. Added to all the other dangers is the fact that on board the ship, father and son were transporting an alien monster "Ursu", specially bred for hunting people. The monster is attracted by a sense of fear. Father is a professional Ursu hunter and is not afraid of her. But he has both legs broken, and he is forced to send his son on a long journey to the remains of the ship. Will the son be able to overcome the feeling of fear and avoid the clutches of Ursa?

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The Day After Tomorrow is an American disaster film directed by Roland Emmerich. According to the plot of the picture, global warming is taking place on the planet, due to which the glaciers are melting and the reverse process begins - a general cooling. Natural disasters occur one after another on Earth. The hero of the picture, scientist Jack Hall, is trying to warn the government about the impending global catastrophe. In parallel with this, he needs to save his son.

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